Count Upton, Cabrera Off Mets’ Radar

There’s plenty of intriguing possibilities, only if the Mets were willing to take a financial gamble, which Sandy Alderson said they are not inclined to do.

As I posted yesterday, the Mets have $79.5 million of their earmarked $100 million to spend on six players: Johan Santana, RA Dickey, David Wright, Jason Bay, Jon Niese and Frank Francisco.

B.J. Upton would be terrific in Citi Field, supplying defense to aid the pitching staff and offense. At 28, he’s just the kind of player you could sign to a multi-year deal and build around. Trouble is he comes with some attitude baggage and the Mets would be wary of surrounding their young talent around him. That’s one of the reasons they were willing to eat the contracts of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.

Upton would be much better on a veteran laden team – like the Yankees – that has the leadership to keep him in line. When the Mets sputtered in the second half and Terry Collins suggested they were quitting, that’s the scenario where Upton might pack it in.

The guy I am especially intrigued about is Melky Cabrera, who would cost less than Upton because of his own baggage.

On the plus side, Cabrera could cover left field and adds a lot offensively. This year, and last season with Kansas City, he proved he can hit. But, he was making $6 million this year and even with a pay cut that’s too rich for the Mets’ blood.

Cabrera was suspended for 50 games for using a performance enhancing drug. His team, the Giants, wouldn’t let him go on a rehab assignment in the minor leagues as he is allowed and kept him off the postseason roster. What does that tell you about there desire to bring him back?

On top of the suspension, he and his idiot agent cooked up a crazy cover story that included the design of a website. That might have been worse than the drug use itself.

Cabrera, who led the National League in hitting this year and it a damage control move asked that he not be awarded the title, would likely get a short term deal because he’s a risk. Who wants to sink time and money for a player that could get nailed again? You don’t have to pay during a suspension, but you do have to fill the spot if he’s suspended.

Excluding the drug use there’s another question about him and that’s the number of teams he’s played for at a young age. In a seven-year span Cabrera has played for the Giants, Royals, Yankees and Braves, or just under two years a team.

There’s something wrong with that picture.


4 thoughts on “Count Upton, Cabrera Off Mets’ Radar

  1. On Cabrera it sounds like Manny. A talented player who uses drugs to boost his performance. Also a malcontent that teams do not like but use because he provides offense that everyone needs.

    Surely there are better alternatives. I want good citizens if nothing else than ( as you alluded ) we have a young team. I have read rumors where Delgado got into Jose’s head. Ultimately a player is better off if he works on his game and works with the team. He will get paid more because there are more people to line up for him. The Mets of course are an exception as on a regular basis they destroy their own players because they are stupid. I give you Beltran as exhibit A.

  2. dave: You’re right on both counts regarding Delgado and Beltran. Beltran was far from washed up as he proved this year. The Mets just didn’t want to spend the money to retain him. True, he had been injured, but proved last year he was healthy and productive. They were lucky to get Wheeler for him, but had Beltran been in their lineup all year they could have competed into September. But, the Mets didn’t treat him well – the issue surrounding his knee – and didn’t want to stay here, anyway. Hang that one on Omar Minaya. … And, Delgado did get into Reyes’ head and was a divisive force in the clubhouse and underminded Willie Randolph.-JD

  3. Nathan you are an idiot and a racist. Who mentioned white?

    I give you Ruben tejada. A good citizen who comes to play and seems to get better every day.

    Perhaps you should open your eyes and look at the me first players. They may have stats but how often do these guys get on good teams that win? When I mean win I don’t mean above 500 teams, but championship. Putting the guy in the mirror first does not make for a good team because you are shafting your teammate.

    Perhaps you want to defend Omar cause he is not white, but if you care about the Mets you know that while he created initial excitement he killed the minors and killed the team that we are still trying to dig out of.

    • Also there is Johan. An all star player who plays injured and is the quintessential professional. Or Beltran who was quiet but came to the park to play did his job and was the best position player we had.