Mets Matters: Last Look At Dickey As A Met Tonight?

We will get our last look at the best part of this season tonight when R.A. Dickey goes for his 21st victory to make his final Cy Young audition against the Miami Marlins.

It might even be Dickey’s last appearance as a Met if the team deems him to expensive to re-sign and opts to trade him this winter.

The Mets say bringing back David Wright and Dickey are priorities, but if Wright signs first and it is decided they can’t afford Dickey they might not have any other choice.

Whatever happens this winter, it has been a thrill watching Dickey pitch this summer. Every five days he gave the Mets a chance to win, and he did it on the mound with guile and grit, and off the mound with class and humility.

It would be a shame to see him go. There are so few like Dickey these days.

In other Mets Matters:

* CEO Jeff Wilpon and GM Sandy Alderson are with the team in Miami. The Mets say they are optimistic about retaining Wright, but have not announced an off-season timetable or give an indication how much it would cost. For that matter, they haven’t done likewise with Dickey.

Wright indicated he’d like to return, but also left open the possibility of leaving. That’s smart because he doesn’t want to bid against himself.

Wright’s decision to return will not only be money – he said he’s not interested in every last nickel – but what steps the team is willing to take to improve. As of now, all signs point to limited spending.

Wright said he would not negotiate in season in 2013.


* Thanks to Joe DeCaro for posting this morning about Terry Collins wanting Mike Pelfrey back. Considering the holes in their staff and potential concerns in the rotation, it could be a smart move. However, Pelfrey will open the season on the disabled list and I don’t expect the Mets to tender him a contract.

* The Mets will make everybody available this off-season in a possible trade. Reportedly, Boston is scouting the Mets in regards to Ike Davis.

It has been reported the Mets could trade Davis, but it comes with the presumption Lucas Duda fill his power void. Since there’s no assurances Duda will develop as the Mets hope, they would need to receive power in return. If that’s the case, why bother? Especially since Davis’ contract is reasonable.

One thought on “Mets Matters: Last Look At Dickey As A Met Tonight?

  1. If the Mets jettison RA I will stay away from the team. Channeling RA about David this will tell me the team is full of crap and wants to proffer a crap product for the next 4 years.

    If they want to improve they need to keep RA and David give the kids a shot at making the team and bring in some decent outside help in OF. That and a reliever are really all they need to make a good team. This can happen in one or two years if the pitchers are as good as we think they are. In two years we can have


    as the starting 5. We also have Familia, Mejia, et al around the club. This is some nice talent at pitching. Our infield is ok. We need to get a decent catcher. Perhaps the new guy will be re-signed. Then we need a closer ( 8$M? ) and some decent OF’s one of which might be Capt Kirk.

    I was reading something on the minor league blog yesterday and they said statistically a player at 26 is not getting better. That means Duda. What you see is what you get. Ike and Murphy.