Mets’ Chris Young Ends On A High Note

It was thought Chris Young might not even pitch this season coming off serious shoulder surgery. Instead, he collected $350,000 in bonuses last night for reaching the 20 starts-110 innings milestone.

YOUNG: Where will he go? (AP)

That’s a lot of money for a supposedly cheap team out of contention to shell out the final week of the season. Other teams in similar situations have pulled the player so they wouldn’t have to pay the bonus.

Young, a free-agent this winter, logged 115 innings, his most since 2007, and there will be some contender in need of another arm that will be interested. There’s no shortage of teams that could use a reliable arm such as Young’s.

“All in all, there were some really good things,” Young said of his season last night after giving up two run in six innings in a very quality start. “It was a great year, to bounce back. … When I decided to have the surgery and rehab, I knew it would be a long process. I knew there would be some bumps in the road.


“But I really believed that if I dedicated myself to it that I could be a very competitive and successful major league pitcher. My record might not show it, but I feel like I proved that.”
Some team will be impressed, but what about the Mets?
Young is close to GM Sandy Alderson from their days in San Diego, so that could work in his favor, however, you really expect him at this stage of his career to explore all his options. Young outpitched his 4-9 record (4.19 ERA) and often fell victim to bullpen breakdowns and a lack of run support.
Young had the same surgery as Johan Santana, but the latter took substantially longer to recover. Coming off surgery, Young is more suited for the regular routine of a starter rather than the unpredictable, up-and-down regime of a long reliever, which at this time is apparently the most the Mets can offer.
Their projected rotation next year has Santana, R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese, Matt Harvey and Dillon Gee, along with Zack Wheeler, Collin McHugh and Jeremy Hefner in possible reserve. However, Santana has broke down several times since signing with the Mets, so why, another year older, should we expect anything different next season?
Gee is also coming off an injury, while Harvey, Wheeler, McHugh and Hefner are unproven over a full season on this level. Sometime next season, you know they’ll need a veteran stop-gap.
TODAY’S GAME:  Jenrry Mejia  (1-1, 4.91 ERA) goes against  Kris Medlen (9-1, 1.64) at 1:35 p.m. Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Mets’ Chris Young Ends On A High Note

  1. you have to question warthen’s credibility, this is the same guy who was the overseer of two very promising young starters in John Maine and Oliver Perez. I sincerely remember those two having very hard fastballs that rose (Maine especially) and they were able to consistently strike people out, (both have 10k per nine in 2007) and then somehow both of them became low ninties/high 80s fastball guys the rest of their careers, what gives? Mike Pelfrey rose through the minors as a strikeout pitcher, he had a sharp sinker and fastball that ate up right handed hitters, he turned into a scared hand licking finesse guy, what gives? Here’s to hoping he doesn’t screw up Mister Harvey. – bob

    • I won’t defend Warthen, but I think you are being a bit unfair.

      Pelfrey was ruined by the previous guy. Warthen merely was not able to fix him. In the end his problems are in his head not his stuff.

      Maine had one good year where he won 15.He spent the next few years injured for one reason or another. Perhaps you may criticize the coaches training, but the player was injured.

      Yes. Ollie had talent. No one will dispute that. However he was a head case. I cannot blame the coach for a player who would not listen to the coaches and refused to learn how to pitch. I have seen many games where he imploded himself. This is not the coaches fault.

      We also have had young pitchers who have done fairly well under this coach. I bring you Niese and Gee.

      Now I would not be averse to changing the pitching coach. I do not know how good a coach he is. The pen has been terrible and the starters were meh. Talent has some to do with it and our pen is not very talented.