Davis Reaches Milestone; Can He Do More?

Ike Davis reached the 30 homer milestone. If R.A. Dickey wins his twentieth on Thursday we can put a wrap on the summer and start thinking about Christmas.

Thirty homers from Davis is impressive, especially considering his first half when he hit 12, but his average was .220. Had he hit at least .250 in the first half that would have been enough contact to raise his homer and run production totals.

Terry Collins and the Mets need to be applauded for sticking with Davis, although it must be conceded they didn’t have many other options considering Lucas Duda wasn’t hitting, either, and there was nobody down below worth bringing up.

The last Mets to hit 30 homers were David Wright – which brings up another issue, we’ll discuss later – and Carlos Delgado in 2008. Home run totals have gone down since MLB started cracking down on PED’s, but Davis is strong enough to where he doesn’t need them.

“It’s a cool milestone, I guess,” Davis told reporters last night. “It’s something you can always tell your kids — you hit 30 homers in the big leagues. But, obviously, if I would have hit 29 this year I still would have been happy with the power numbers, for sure.”

Despite his success, there are still holes in Davis’ offensive game, notably the inability to put two halves together and inconsistency against lefties (only eight of his homers were against left-handers). Davis understands that in order to become a real star he needs to be more consistent throughout the season, and last night was nearly apologetic about his first half.

“The difference is I’m just not awful. The first two and a half months I was terrible,” Davis said. “I felt like I had never played baseball before. I kept saying I’m not going to play this bad forever. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to do that. You guys can pick up a stick and do better than I did. But I told you there’s better things to come.

“I don’t know if I’ve had the greatest season of all time, but I definitely made myself feel a little better about this season working through stuff and grinding and seeing you can come from pretty far behind and still have a pretty good year.

“I guess everyone kind of goes through something like that. I’m glad, I guess, that I did. It definitely made me a better baseball player. It was mental strength, for sure. But hopefully I don’t do that again.”

There were published reports earlier having the Mets shopping Davis in the offseason. The club is unwilling to comment on them, but two things are for sure: One, considering what the Mets have, he’d be attractive in the trade market, and two, Davis is worth holding on to and building around.


4 thoughts on “Davis Reaches Milestone; Can He Do More?

  1. Please keep Ike.
    I all for trading Duda. Guy would be a passable DH, but is not an outfielder, and moving Ike to let him play 1st would be enough to drive me over the edge. He’d be Kingman redux.
    Ike at least had the 2010 season where he did well, and was raking before he got hurt last year. I think he will hit lefties with time.
    Read today the Mets are not going to cut Bay or make him earn a place on the roster. They are afraid if he goes he will do well elsewhere. Like Castillo and Perez did? Folks, Bay, sadly, is done. Why waste a roster space on this guy.
    Same story said they almost had a deal to swap Bay for good old Heath Bell. Thankfully that did not come to pass. If old Heath-bar can’t handle Miami, how would he fair in NYC?

  2. Ed: You can’t be reluctant to make a trade just because you fear the player will perform elsewhere. If you don’t think he can play for you, then let him go. … As far as Bell goes, he’s a whiner. But, I like him more than Francisco.-JD

    • that was my point John. They should cut Bay, who cares if he suddenly finds his swing elsewhere, he is done here.
      Besides, he isn’t going to find his swing anywhere.

  3. I guess you can be thankful for small things.

    But really this was a terrible year. He played good defense but he has to hit better than that. It is a huge whole in the lineup with one of your better players hitting south of 200.