What Can The Mets Do When They Have So Little To Trade?

GM Sandy Alderson said the Mets were more likely to build via the trade route than by making a big splash in the free-agent market. Amidst the Ike Davis flap, one must wonder what pieces the Mets have to trade.

When you read between the lines from what Alderson has said, everybody is fair game outside of Matt Harvey and Zach Wheeler. There might be more arms down below the Mets would find untouchable, and Jenrry Mejia probably isn’t one of them any more.

Let’s examine several of the higher profile Mets as to their trade worthiness:

DAVID WRIGHT: He’s the one that always comes up first, but it appears the Mets will make a play to keep him. He’s their biggest position-player talent, but his contractual situation would make it difficult to move him. Most teams wouldn’t want to pay Wright’s 2013 salary as a rental without having the opportunity to sign him to an extension first. Trading him in the offseason is highly doubtful, but a team with a lot of resources could do something next year at the trade deadline. Signing Wright to the long-term deal he deserves would be pricey and those are difficult to unload. The situation with the Dodgers was a stroke of luck for the Red Sox.

R.A. DICKEY: Dickey is one reason I’m still watching the season and haven’t moved on to football season entirely and¬†Kevin’s NFL picks.¬†Outside of the young prospects, he’s their most valuable pitching chip. He has a movable contract, and even a contract extension would probably be palatable to another team. Even if Dickey wins the Cy Young Award – now appearing doubtful – there’s the specter of the knuckleball and finding a catcher who can handle the devilish pitch. Despite Dickey’s success, too many people in baseball would shy away at such a pitcher. You don’t have to look any further than Tony La Russa’s decision at the All-Star Game to realize there’s prejudice against the pitch.

JOHAN SANTANA: The Mets’ best hope here is if he makes a full recovery and pitches lights out in the first half. Then you might find a taker for the remaining $12 million or so remaining. Even that’s a lot and there’s always the fear of him breaking down again. The Mets got all they could from Santana before he broke down and would be foolish to think they could get anything more in a trade. His value to the team is to come back strong as he did this year in the first half and pitch them into contention for a wild card.

JON NIESE: He’s young, left-handed with a strong arm and affordable. What’s not to like? He’s the type of pitching talent teams are built around. Yes, he would bring something in return, but the Mets covet him and would be crazy to trade him.

JASON BAY: He’s been injured, non-productive and has a ridiculous contract. He’s not going anywhere.

All this makes Davis the most tradable.

3 thoughts on “What Can The Mets Do When They Have So Little To Trade?

  1. David – I would trade him for the right package. However we don’t have a good 3rd baseman to replace him. There are a number of guys down below, not sure how good they really are.

    Dickey – I don’t see how they can let him go. I don’t see how anyone would not want him. Look at the numbers over the past 2 years. He is cheap and should be the Cy Young winner this year. What’s not to like?

    Johan – I would trade him. He has always been injured. I love his heart, it is his body I worry about.

    Niese – Good player. He has become more consistent this year. I wonder who the better pitcher next year will be, Harvey or Jon?

    Bay – Just cut him.

  2. dave: There’s nobody below capable of replacing Wright, which means another void to fill if they trade him. … As far as Dickey goes, there’s a lot to like about him. Dickey has had a few good years and I wonder how many in the sport are waiting for the other shoe to drop.-JD

    • Yes. It has only been a few years and he is good now. he’s on top of his game now and not thowing 90 mile an hour pitch it’s a knuckle ball which means he might have a few more good years left

      Interesting you mention doubters.