Liking Matt Harvey More And More

Matt Harvey was not in a good mood when he was pulled last night with the bases loaded and nobody out in the sixth. In what might have been the best outing from a Mets’ reliever all season, Robert Carson bailed him out by getting two infield pop-ups and a fly ball.

Harvey gave up a run in five-plus innings – enough to win most games – but was clearly steamed in the dugout. He wasn’t much into handshakes and back pats, but his anger wasn’t directed at the Mets’ listless offense – 13 straight home games now scoring three or less runs and the tenth time they’ve been shutout – but at himself.

You see, Harvey is a perfectionist and last night he wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t impressed with striking out ten hitters. He would rather pitch to contact to reduce his pitch count and work longer into games.

“The biggest thing is going deeper into games and figuring it out a lot sooner, and not pressing to go for the strikeout all the time,” said Harvey. “I have to get early contact, like I’ve said before. That’s the biggest thing I’m going to work on.”

Harvey has a dominating fastball, but said his best pitch last night was his change-up. He wasn’t happy with his curveball and claimed his slider had little bite. Those are the pitches that will generate weak or awkward swings and get groundballs and pop-ups. That’s what will limit his pitch count. And, hopefully this year will be the last where he’s on an innings limit.

Manager Terry Collins said Harvey will get one more start and marveled at his maturation level at an early age.

“He’s been so impressive,” Collins said. “We’ve got something special. We’ve got something really special.”

If the Mets are inclined to keep Harvey on an innings count again next season, I hope they are paying attention to how poorly Washington handled the same issue with Stephen Strasburg. To announce it early was counterproductive. Davey Johnson, who doesn’t agree with the limit, said Strasburg’s heart wasn’t in his last start, knowing that would be it for him.

Strasburg hates it too, saying he feels he’s abandoning his teammates. You figure Harvey feels the same way.

If the Mets are going to limit Harvey’s innings next season, there’s a gradual way to achieve that goal. They can skip the occasional start or back it up to where he makes one less start a month. Over the course of the season, that’s six starts. And, they can be juggled around off-days as to give him more rest.

The only problem with that theory, is that Johan Santana is again coming off an injury and the Mets should be inclined to give him more rest.


2 thoughts on “Liking Matt Harvey More And More

  1. I like Harvey. It looks like he is a keeper.

    I also like that he blames himself and is not pointing fingers. It is interesting to note that much the same attitude was shown by Pelf. However with Pelf his confidence was shaken when they took his #2 pitch away from him and told him to use another one that he didn’t know. Pelf went on to crumble when things got tight and still does to this day.

    I saw a quote from Zimmerman who said that his curve wasn’t working so it made things pretty easy. But that if Harvey could figure out the curve he would be dangerous.

    Hopefully by limiting him this year they can let him go next year. he will have 150 innings or whatever so next year he should be able to go 180 or whatever without someone raising a stink.

    Interesting Strausberg seems to have the same attitude. It is refreshing that we have people in the game who seem to care and are not more worried about contracts, their music career or whatever.

  2. The “usual” innings increase is about 20-25% more than the prior year. He is already at 162 innings, so figure he ends up around 168-170. He could then pitch about 204-212 innings next season.

    People need to remember that Strasburg is coming back from Tommy John surgery, that is why the team is more concerned with limiting his innings. They did it with Zimmermann last year.
    And for all those (including Davey) who think he pitched poorly of late due to lack of focus, did they ever stop to think that perhaps he was getting tired? His numbers have taken a downturn for the past several starts, not just the last couple.