Mets Matters: Bay’s Concussions; Daniel Murphy Scratched

Speaking to the media prior to tonight’s game, manager Terry Collins said Jason Bay’s concussions have contributed to his poor showing at the plate. Bay, who is in tonight’s line-up, is hitting .158 with seven homers and 18 RBI in 198 plate appearances.
“I just think that those concussions take an effect on guys,” Collins said. “There are times when you see everything you thought that he could bring to the table — great defender, a good thrower, power, a tremendous teammate. And then, all of a sudden, there will be some times where he struggles. He has no answers to it. This time in his career, we know it’s still there. Hopefully with the winter recovery, maybe you’ll get something next spring that will really come forward.”
I’m not saying Collins is wrong, but it does raise a couple of questions. The first is, how can the concussions be an issue when Bay was struggling mightily before he was injured? The second is, if the concussions were an issue, then why was Bay cleared to play? If there is a residual effect of the concussions, shouldn’t Bay have been shut down longer.
Another issue, is if the concussions are really the root of Bay’s problems, then shouldn’t the Mets consider releasing him if the contract is insured?
* Daniel Murphy was scratched from tonight’s game with lower-back stiffness and is day-to-day. Ronny Cedeno will replace him.
Murphy said he woke up sore and doesn’t expect he’ll be out of the line-up for any significant length of time.
When you look back on 2012, Murphy’s development at second base has been one of the positives.
* The 2013 schedule was released today and the geniuses in MLB scheduled the Mets and Yankees to each open their season at home on April 1. The Mets will play San Diego while the Yankees play Boston. Speculation is the Red Sox-Yankees game will be moved to Sunday night to accommodate ESPN. That Sunday falls between the NCAA Final Four and Championship game.
When you come to think about it, MLB should take advantage of that Sunday for Opening Day when the sports schedule is pretty much vacant. Opening Day in baseball used to be a special day when it owned the schedule. Now, only the NFL has an opening night where it corners the market in the schedule.

2 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Bay’s Concussions; Daniel Murphy Scratched

  1. John, I agree re Bay. He was struggling before the first concussion, so to tag that as the reason he struggled, and then add in the second one as a further excuse is just wrong.
    They need to cut him and be done with it. Nice guy, tries hard, but he is just not worth it. Trying to shoehorn him into the starting lineup hurts the team, as does keeping him on the bench, as he brings nothing to the table at this point. Very sad.
    What is sadder is that when he anh Matt Holliday were free agents, many Mets fans were worried that Holliday would be a bust, and Bay would be OK (overpaid of course, but OK). Turned out wrong there. While Holliday has had injuries, he has done much better than Bay.

    Moving the Astros to “balance” the leagues was dumb. Interleague is dumb when you have two leagues playing by different rules. The single trips are sure to lead to problems at some point with rainouts.

    You are right, that Sunday should be used by MLB like the NFL uses the Thursday. Make it opening day.
    As for Yanks and Mets opening at home the same day, no worries there. Not much overlap in the fan bases. Moving the Yankee game to the night start on April 1 is leaving them open to playing in the cold. The Boss would not have stood for that.

    In other news, that Harvey kid looks pretty good no?

  2. Well, Bay sucks but at least he is not a cancer and 16mil is too much to swallow so terry has to spin it for his bosses. The fact that they keep running torres and bay out there makes no sense to me. why not play baxter and valdespin to get some experience? stupid organization with no plan. Now they are playing Duda at first and sitting Davis wtf? Well at least we have Harvey to give us some hope. Finally a top pick by minaya shows promise to be an impact player.