Mets Have Hitting Issues

The Mets had moments this season when they clicked offensively. During those times they worked the count, went the opposite way and were disciplined at the plate. They never did hit with reliable power, but the patient approach and manufacturing runs is the best way to go anyway.

Then that all stopped. Maybe the hitters put too much pressure on themselves when the pitching faltered. Who knows?

They are sliding back into bad habits as the season winds down. After a blistering first half, David Wright is not the same hitter and is swinging with an uppercut. Lucas Duda is a lost cause at times and pitchers can get out Ike Davis working him away. Let’s not even talk about Jason Bay and Andres Torres. Daniel Murphy just doesn’t hit with power.

As much as the Mets need a right-handed outfield bat with pop, currently there doesn’t seem to be the resources to spend on a name player considering how they need to overhaul the bullpen and possibly add a starter.

One thought on “Mets Have Hitting Issues

  1. Considering the auditions of the young guys how much of an overhaul of the pen is there?

    If we can get a closer I think the pen is pretty decent. We have two lefties who seem to be ok at this time, Parnell, Rauch, Fransisco and others ( Familia?) gives us a nice pen. But it starts with the closer which pushes everyone down. Just as losing Fransisco pushed everyone up and exposed the flaws.

    I think our rotation is set. The team will not spend on a starter instead wishing that everyone comes back healthy.

    This leaves the offense as you illustrate.