Can The Mets Be Next Year’s Orioles?

The Mets are off today giving us other things to think about, such as the Giants’ secondary and inability to put together a running game. Also a chance to lament about another September of non-meaningful games for the Mets.

The Mets are mired in fourth place, thinking about how a hot run could have them chasing .500, which would be a successful season. Personally, I’d rather have the collapses of 2007 and 2008 than what they are today. At least they were in a pennant race, and if you’re a baseball fan, that’s all you can ask for from your team.

Since 1997, when Orioles manager Davey Johnson was named manager of the year and fired the same day by Peter Angelos, the franchise that long symbolized baseball excellence had hit the skids.

The Orioles showed some improvement last year, but were still projected to finish last in the AL East. But the Orioles have some power, their bullpen has pitched well and they took an impressive 24-7 record in one-run games. That record, despite a negative run differential, is the probably the single most significant stat to explain why the Orioles are in a pennant race.

Conversely, the Mets are 17-18 in one-run games, symbolic of a team with sporadic power and an inconsistent bullpen.

Can the Mets improve enough from within to be a contender like the Orioles?

Baltimore has more power, where the Mets’ anticipated power from David Wright – he’s fallen way for of expectations in that area- Jason Bay and Lucas Duda hasn’t been there. Maybe Wright and Duda will produce next year to bring the Mets’ power numbers up.

Building a bullpen is a tricky proposition and should Sandy Alderson accomplish that objective, perhaps Citi Field will be alive as Camden Yards will be tonight. It could be if the Mets split their losses in one-run games. Add nine wins and subtract nine losses and the Mets are right there in wild-card contention.

Split those losses in one-run games and the Mets are playing meaningful baseball in September.




4 thoughts on “Can The Mets Be Next Year’s Orioles?

  1. I think it starts with the rotation.

    The problems happened when we lost our pitching. First there was Pelf. He went down and he was replaced. When Gee went down we had problems because he wasn’t replaced. The fast start of the pen faded. We lost my favorite heart attack which cascaded into problems with the pen.

    As you say we have no consistent hitters. Capt Kirk lost his sheen and various pieces cooled off including David and Dan. Ruben got hurt and Duda was a bust. And then there is Ike who stunk.

    As I keep repeating we need a league avg OF. It seems the team has finally turned the page on Bay. That will help the lineup.We need more offense from the OF which will not happen any time soon from the minors. We also need the OF to field their position. Too many times have they muffed the routine play.

    Perhaps we have partially solved our catcher problem with the new guy from the American League.

  2. dave: You’re spot on about the rotation. Of all the possibilities, is there any one you can definitely say doesn’t have a significant question attached to his name? The Mets have a lot of questions and during the season the pitching, bullpen and hitting have all been good at times, but not consistently good together. And, neither aspect is strong enough to compensate when another falters.-JD

  3. The Mets cannot be the O’s next year for several reasons;
    1. The Met manager either doen’t know how to play for the future or is under orders to play every game for today. If he or the FO gave a damn about the future kids like Duda and Valdespin would not be benched against every lefty and Kirk would have been left in the bigs like Davis was to work out his problems.
    2. The GM has been too incompetant to make a decent trade. The O’s new regime was very active and made movesd and overstocked their system with rleivers so thety could send guys up and down to keep a shaky pen fresh. The Mets Gm is incapable of making multiple moves nad horrid moves like getting Torres and Ramirez for Pagan, signing Fanscisco for multiple years shows he is not with it. \
    3. Last year, the O’s finished strong as they were building a foundation and clearly saw the holes. This GM is incapable of moving any vets as he didn’t make a single move this summer to build for the future and even last year his two big salry dumps brought back all of one prospect who hasn’t yet seen a Met uniform.
    . This team hasa long wait to be the next year’s miracle.