Ruben Tejada Scolded For Not Hustling

Production comes and goes. It is streaky. What should never be streaky is hustle. No matter the record, no matter the score, a player owes it to himself, his teammates and the paying customers to bust his butt.

That’s what’s so disappointing yesterday about Ruben Tejada, who not only failed to wear an athletic supporter – and being a shortstop of all things – and not running out a grounder.

Terry Collins and David Wright – this is why he should be named captain – reprimanded Tejada, who, in his first season as a starter should be running at all times.

The Mets aren’t going to have a winning record, but it they are ever going to, the culture of losing and apathy must be changed. It has to some degree, but not totally as Tejada proved. Tejada should be benched today to make sure the message sinks in.

There’s never any excuse for not hustling.


One thought on “Ruben Tejada Scolded For Not Hustling

  1. I wonder if that is part of the reason for why Jose is not here.

    While he has great gifts he has not always played to his talent. His mind would wander for weeks in the field and I have read that Delgado got into his head.

    I like Ruben and hope he comes to play every day. Although he does not have the talent he can play the position and I do not miss Jose.