What If Selig Treated Mets The Way He Did Dodgers?

Over a year ago the Dodgers and Mets were in deep financial distress when Commissioner Bud Selig strong armed Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt into selling the team by first taking financial control?

SELIG: What if? (AP)

He did so despite claims McCourt had worked out a regional television deal that might have eased most of the Dodgers’ problems. The Dodgers were eventually sold to a group that includes Magic Johnson, and yesterday they had the resources to pull off a blockbuster deal with the Boston Red Sox and take on over $250 million in payroll. This, after trading for Hanley Ramirez.

Obviously, the Dodgers have deep pockets. Today, while watching R.A. Dickey win his 16th game and break the Mets’ latest five-game losing streak, I couldn’t help but wonder what might be had Selig treated the Mets’ ownership of Fred Wilpon with the same tenacity he directed at the Dodgers.

If for sale, what could the Mets, with the team, SNY and Citi Field brought on the open market? If the Mets had deep pockets I wouldn’t have made the trade the Dodgers because of the players involved.

But, seemingly unrelated resources could have bought other worthy players this team needs. Just wondering.


7 thoughts on “What If Selig Treated Mets The Way He Did Dodgers?

  1. I was all set to celebrate Jason Bay getting an rbi single but instead I have to think about what David Einhorn would do.
    That being said, Ithink the Dodgers got a bunch of bloated contracts. But their owners are trying to win and that is something I really wonder about the Wilpons.

    • Dan: I definitely believe the Red Sox won this trade, especially if the Dodgers don’t win it all this year or next. Seriously, who knows if Crawford will ever be a productive player again.?-JD

  2. Ok, I will say it, then. If McCourt had a Jewish last name, maybe selig would have treated him differently.

  3. Einhorn would be the owner and while this year may not be golden we would probably have a better team.

    We are left with 10 more ‘competitive’ years. Hopefully this GM can build from within and we can actually have a good team in a few years.If we are to keep this years payroll cap we can import league avg OF’s at a price of one or two million each. This would give us better production while allowing the kids to come up and prove they belong.

    With Citibank money of $20M/year and SNY and the NY market this should be a major team. Instead we are heading to the basement.

    • FWIW Einhorn was fined for insider dealing in the UK in the past year based on call transcripts. The Mets could do much better. Selig’s treatment of LA vs Mets was a blatant case of preferential treatment for the Wilpons. While you could argue it spared Selig having to put out two fires at once, it’s still stinks. Mets ownership doesn’t help the team certainly on several levels and, sadly for fans, it’s unlikely to change. Perhaps a more interesting question might be, “What would it take for the Wilpons to give up ownership?” Then make it happen.