Astros, Mets Kindred Spirits?

They were born the same year, 1962, as expansion teams, and in the¬†Houston Astros’ final National League appearance against the Mets in New York, both teams are playing like expansion teams.

Although linked by their entry, the Mets and Astros never developed an substantive rivalry in these 50 years. Playing in different divisions dulled the potential of a rivalry.  Both had long stretches of mediocrity, or worse, and there were few times they were good at the same time.

Then there was 1986.

The Mets rolled through the regular season. They dominated as manager Davey Johnson boasted at the start of the season. But, the Astros wouldn’t cave and made it a memorable series.

The Mets prevailed, 4-2, but needed 16 innings to oust the Astros in Game 6. They were on the brink of elimination in the ninth inning but rallied for three runs to force extra innings. The teams traded runs in the 14th inning. The Mets scored three in the top of the 16th, but the Astros’ rally fell a run short.

With the win, the Mets avoided facing Astros ace Mike Scott in a Game 7. The Mets could not touch Scott and to this day Keith Hernandez admits he was in their heads. The Mets were convinced Scott was scuffing the ball, but never caught him.

The series that begins tonight is the last time time the Astros will play here as a National League team as they will move to the American League in 2013.

I don’t like the idea of the Astros leaving the league. It will be odd not playing them, but then again things have been odd since interleague play and the unbalanced schedule. It’s just not the same race for every team.

As bad as the Mets have been since the break, going 11-28 and having just been swept by Colorado, the Astros have been a horrid 6-33. Part of it is playing poorly and going with young, inexperienced players, but a lot of that has to do with gutting their team in a July fire sale.

While the Mets have played some incredibly horrid baseball in August, the month did produce a bright spot in the emergence of Matt Harvey and yesterday’s stunning debut by Collin McHugh.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll look back at this month as the time when the Mets found the core of a new pitching rotation.

One thought on “Astros, Mets Kindred Spirits?

  1. McHugh was demoted and we may get to see our OF of the past in FMart.

    I think our rotation has a bright future. With Harvey and soon Wheeler we will have the anchors for our team for many years. We also have McHugh, Gee, Niese, Familia,Mejia and others below them coming to the team soon.Not all of them will be starters. Some may populate the pen, others may leave via trade to bring in talent from outside.

    This is one of the huge differences from the previous administration where home grown talent never got a chance to show what they can do.

    You can look at our infield which is completely comprised of home grown players: Wright, Davis, Tejada, Murphy.

    Now we need to do something about the OF. We have had some young guys patrol the grass who may not be the answer for our future but they have helped the team this year. I am looking at Duda and Kirk. Both players may not have the talent to be starters, but Kirk certainly looks like he can at least be a 4th OF. We have players like Nimmo and Puello down below but they are some years out. We also have Den Dekker in AAA who still needs to figure those pitchers out.