Mets Face Bleak Offseason

How could anybody be anything but enthused about the Mets for 2013?

With GA Sandy Alderson telling us the budget hasn’t been set but don’t expect it to be much higher than it is now.┬áThen he said trades might be the way to go. But, if the Mets aren’t willing to part with Matt Harvey or Zach Wheeler, will they purge the rest of their farm system? History says it isn’t likely.

A quick glance at the major league roster tells us there’s little to trade of value outside of David Wright, R.A. Dickey and Jon Niese. I like the potential of Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis, but outside of that, who would anybody want?

You’d love to trade Johan Santana and Jason Bay, but nobody wants those contracts, plus their limited production and injury histories.

There’s simply little of any value other teams would want. We are talking about a team that is ten games below .500 and facing another losing season. This is a team that since its last World Series appearance in 2000 has had five managers and four general managers. The latest, Alderson, is a fixer, brought in to clean up a mess brought on by the owner’s financial distress and hopefully field a competitive team in the process.

Considering all that, of course there’s limited talent available. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in this mess.

It wasn’t going to be pretty work, nor was it going to be easy. So far, Alderson has sliced nearly $50 million in payroll and said good-bye to Jose Reyes. He also cut ties with Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran, players with bloated contracts brought in when the team considered itself a contender.

The Mets have a myriad of issues they must face with limited dollars:

1. ┬áRe-sign David Wright: He’s had a solid season and deserves it. Plus, if you let the face of the franchise leave who is going to want to come here? After losing Reyes it would be a disastrous decision. Wright will be a FA after 2013, so any dealing of him would be limited for the fear of him leaving. There is the possibility of next year being a huge distraction if there’s an unsigned Wright at the trade deadline. Talk about a potential mess.

2. A starting pitcher: The Mets got more from Santana than they could have hoped but eventually shut him down. They have to go under the assumption he’s a health question. Also, Jon Niese has not performed as hoped and is it realistic to think they’ll get a similar year from Dickey? No. They likely won’t bring back Mike Pelfrey – remember him? – and while there’s optimism, the Mets still don’t know what they have in Dillon Gee, Harvey, Wheeler or Jenrry Mejia.

3. The bullpen: This was Alderson’s area of concentration in the offseason and it blew up on him. Frank Francisco is a disaster and Bobby Parnell has yet to grasp a role. Maybe the Mets have run their course with Dan Warthen as pitching coach, I don’t know. But, that must be examined. Are their any viable pieces? Doesn’t look that way.

4. Outfield: Bay will be back because of his contract, but I’d eat it and start fresh. Lucas Duda will get a shot in left then, but they need power from the right side. They aren’t getting it from Andres Torres or Jordany Valdespin, both of whom aren’t any better than bench players.

5. Catcher: Josh Thole has not progressed either offensively or defensively as hoped. But, he’s a healthy body right now and for the Mets, that’s a positive.

When you come down to it, that’s an impressive shopping list to fill on a limited budget. It looks as if next year’s team will look similar to this year’s Mets, with the hope for improvement coming from more production from their current roster. They need breakout years from Davis, Duda, Thole, Harvey and either Wheeler or Mejia.

They need a monster year from Wright and more power from Daniel Murphy.

They need a hell of a lot.


5 thoughts on “Mets Face Bleak Offseason

  1. They need an OF. They need Ike to be like he was in year 1.

    I think they will stick with home grown starting pitching and maybe even the pen.

    But they need healthy league avg OF’s which they do not have. And they could use a catcher but those are hard to get.

    I think if they could do the above they can be a decent team. But to me if you look at the team it is two areas:
    1) the pen. They have none
    2) the OF. They have none.

    They need to cut bay in the offseason. One of the worst things he does for the team is take up a slot. I like his defense but that is it.

    Duda will take some work to be effective, Kirk is hurt, and Valdespin has never played before. I wonder what they will do with Torres. I am sure we can get some cheap OF’s in the offseason. We have some promising guys low down in the system but it may take 2-4 years for them to develop. There is also Dan Dekker. He first needs to adjust to AAA.

  2. a tale of 2 halves. what a turnaround from hope to despair. Wright has disappeared in the second half. He does not deserve the huge contract he will get because he is the “face” Their best hitting prospects happen to be third basemen of course. I have an idea for outfield. Maybe the coupons can scrape up enough shekels to pay willingham who wont cost much and hits for power. Delcos is right. what trade chips? Spin, spin, spin is all it is.

  3. i see valdespin got a start in center today. may as well keep running him out there. its gonna be ugly but torres is a goner anyway.

  4. Wright won’t get a big contract for being the face. He will get a big contract because he is a great player.
    Duda needs more than time to get better. He is simply not that good. He’s a AAAA player, that’s it.
    Valdespin in a problem in center. A corner is a better fit.
    Bay needs to be gone.
    The good news is, another $25 million comes off after 2013 with Johan gone, and another $20 someodd million with Bay’s deal being done.
    I wonder who is a FA after 2013?

    • Ed,

      Wright has been great for one half of a season out of the last 4. The rest of the time he has been a mediocre to good player. His power has disappeared again and pitchers dont fear him. He is NOT a franchise player in my opinion. Maybe its time to find a new face.