Mets Matters: Santana Decision And Shuffling Off From Buffalo

Sometime this afternoon we could get a clearer reading on what’s to happen with Johan Santana for the remainder of the season: Do they keep running him out there are shut him down to give him a head start on preparation for 2013?

Currently, Santana is scheduled to start Thursday against Colorado with extra rest. If he comes through, the Mets might opt to keep giving him extended rest between starts.

What we need to remember is this has been a grueling rehab for Santana coming off shoulder surgery and his arm has already exceeded what it normally goes through in a regular season. 

If Santana’s current problems are fatigue related, then shutting him down might be the prudent decision.

In other Mets’ news:

* It appears the Mets will lose ties with their Class AAA Buffalo affiliate, which is a shame as that locale makes it easier to shuttle players up and down. 

Most disappointing is Buffalo is the Mets’ third Triple-A attachment in the past decade (Norfolk, Va., and New Orleans). Las Vegas could be next.

Word is Buffalo, like Norfolk, because disenchanted from the Mets’ lack of attention or promotion to their affiliates, not to mention a poor quality of play.  Buffalo has a major league caliber stadium, so would it kill the Mets to play an exhibition game there (coming out of spring training) or even a regular season game? I would think a Mets-Pirates games would be attractive and fill the place.

Ideally, you’d like a strong relationship between the big club and its top minor league affiliate.

* The Mets open a stretch tonight of seven straight games against NL weaklings Colorado and Houston, the latter just sacked its manager. 

“Well, we’re not exactly playing great right now,’’ Terry Collins said.

The Mets follow those two series with series at Philadelphia and Miami. So, this would be the Mets’ best opportunity to get on a roll to finish over .500. That’s still what I’d like for this team.

7 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Santana Decision And Shuffling Off From Buffalo

  1. I have read about these rumors for some time now.The consensus from what I read is that Buffalo will stay with us. There was speculation is would move to Toronto.

    • dave: I can’t see Toronto because it has a minor league franchise. Montreal would be interesting. Hopefully, they work things out with Buffalo.-JD

  2. As for quality of play they have had Harvey, Neuwenhuis, Dan Dekker, Wheeler, Valdespin, etc

    They have had plenty of interesting players to root for.

  3. I wonder how many major league teams play exibition games, much less regular season games, at their triple a stadium?

    Las Vegas is going to stink. Like NOLA.

    Wally was quoted as saying he heard Buffalo is not going to be Mets AAA next year.

    Going to the game tonight. Should be an intimate affair, though there will be a lot of USAF personnel in the stands and an F-16 flyover before the game.

    • Ed: It used to be done by some franchises. I remember the Orioles used to play games in Rochester. … In answer to your question, not many. But, the Mets’ circumstances are unique so what’s the harm? It might even help.-JD

  4. I came across a July article in the “Buffalo News” on the attendance problems of the Bisons. They have dropped an average of 1,600 fans a game in two years. Harrington feels that Buffalo is an American League town, that until recently the Mets did little to improve the team and the feeling that Buffalo could get a major league team someday is gone (20 years ago they were the first minor league team to draw 1 million fans).
    Lastmonth I was driving on the New York Thruway and stopped at a sevice station/restaurant just south of Rochester. Going thru a store that sold food, sunglasses, magazines, etc, I saw some baseball related itemslikehats and keychains. Every damn one of them had that Yankee NY logo. No Mets, Blue Jays or Twins (Rochester affiliation).
    I don’t think you want to play an exhibition games in Buffalo in late March, early April because of the weather.

    • dan: You can’t escape the Yankees logo. It’s like Starbucks. …. March and April is a bad time. I don’t know the optimum time. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a game. They used to do those caravans. Not any more.-JD