Analyzing Mets’ Road Trip

After winning three of four in San Francisco, dropping a series at San Diego is a let down. But, the flip side is you have to be a little high to get down.

Considering they lost 11 of 12 on their previous homestand, I’ll take the 6-5 and be happy. Who among us was brimming with optimism when they took off for the West?

Obviously, the most important development on the trip was Matt Harvey, regardless of yesterday’s game. The Mets now have an arm they can be hopeful of giving them six. They can build from there.

Ruben Tejada and Ronny Cedeno are playing well, making up in part for David Wright’s slump. Yes, Jason Bay is still on the team, but Ike Davis flashed a glimpse of why we should be excited about him and Bobby Parnell threw an inning in San Francisco that was cause for some optimism. That might be a stretch, but look at the whole bullpen picture.

Sometimes you can get in trouble when you big-picture things, but in that vein, the Mets are giving us reason to hang around and watch. I didn’t say “get excited,” but keep us interested in their development.

Many of us got too excited from the first half and those two weeks in July were deflating. However, considering their inactivity in the offseason and dismal spring training, if you were told the Mets would be knocking on .500’s door a week into August, wouldn’t most of you have taken it?

I mean, given Johan Santana’s uncertainty, not to mention stint on the DL, and losing Mike Pelfrey for the season, I’d venture most would have jumped at it.

We all knew going in this was a building season and we’ve seen some good things. This trip helped remind us of them. I would be interested to see what September brings, and I really never thought I’d write that line in March.


2 thoughts on “Analyzing Mets’ Road Trip

  1. Optimism from Delcos, Have they changed your medication? Yes there are positives, Tejada and Murphy performing at near all-star levels. Wrights resurgence and Ikes power. The infield is clearly the strengh of this team. Starting pitching could be a plus with Johan having a successful rehab in Brooklyn. Bullpen looking better with francisco showing parnell how its done the other night and Edgins emergence. The main weakness now is the outfield and catcher. Thole is worse than his stats show. A lot of wild pitches get by him that other catchers block. I was at that game in DC. Ugh! Bay and torres have been terrible all year thats 2 of your 3 starters in the OF. the third? trying to figure it out in AAA. All of thier outfield prospects strikeout like windmills and Valdespin swings at anything too. They must bring in some outside help this winter.

    • I agree the infield is the strength of this team.

      The outfield is a mess. The question is as you have highlighted we need to replace all 3 positions. That is a tall order. The best thing to happen would be for the minor league guys to figure it out so you only have to bring in one bat from the outside.

      I also agree that we will probably have to get a catcher. Thole is still making rookie mistakes. I think he has improved a lot, but he still has a lot to learn. And the new backup is not blocking the plate.