Matt Harvey Rocked; An Important Step

Matt Harvey pitched five innings in his third start, giving up five runs and eight hits in the process. If there is a positive, it is two scoreless innings after the Padres got the jump on him.

HARVEY: Building on a rough day. (Getty)

All pitchers, and Harvey will not be an exception, get rocked and it is a measure of their development in how they respond. Six outs doesn’t complete the learning curve, but it is a start.

We can’t be thinking we’ve seen the best of Harvey already. Three games is no measure, but the overall impression is good. He’s shown good stuff physically, composure and a degree of mental toughness indicating a future promising good times.

I don’t care about today, and frankly was wondering when he’d get shelled, and most importantly, how he responds. In that regard today is a positive because it is something that can help Harvey mature and develop.

I’m anxious for his next start.

5 thoughts on “Matt Harvey Rocked; An Important Step

  1. Youre right John, It was time for him to take his lumps but I wish it wasnt against the weak hitting padres in an important game. If they won today they come home with a .500 record and a very successful road trip. This takes the shine off of that.

    • ray sadecki: It would have been a positive step to come home at .500 or better, but considering how they left town you have to take what you can. … A lot of shine has been taken off the season, but there’s enough time to add some polish and make this an improved year. It can happen.-JD