Mets Shouldn’t Mess With R.A. Dickey

The Mets lost Friday night in a game they might have won had they had any offense – or anything left over from their last game in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we all know it doesn’t work that way.

DICKEY: Don't mess with him. (AP)

R.A. Dickey pitched well enough to win most games, and that’s the real point. Dickey has pitched well on traditional rest. Going to three days might be a huge mistake. Reportedly, the Mets aren’t sold on it and let’s hope it they don’t buy.

The only answer is more major league arms, of which the Mets don’t have. I’m not saying Derek Lowe is the answer, or any recently released starter. But, the closest thing the Mets have to an option if they are to remain competitive for the rest of the season is to keep Dickey on normal rest.

Yes, he’s a knuckleballer, but not in the conventional sense. Also, it isn’t just taxing the arm, but the entire body. Dickey has developed into one of the game’s most reliable pitchers, and part of his success in his routine.

Don’t mess with it.

2 thoughts on “Mets Shouldn’t Mess With R.A. Dickey

  1. For once you are correct, especially with a team out of the race. But Collins is in a pickle because the GM has provided him with injured bodies and no depth anywhere. If it happens the blame is entirely with Alderson.

    • I gave my opinion Dickey when this was first brought up. Thole Dropping the tag was another example of his ineptitude at his position. If all you are is a punch and judy hitter you better bring some D. I really hope Sandy finds an upgrade there over the winter as there is no catching in the minors to speak of.