Is .500 For Mets Really A Pipe Dream?

Rudy responded the other day and suggested .500 was a pipe dream. Well, is it?

There have been times this season when I thought so. During spring training and after their last horrid home stand. Not a week ago I ripped Terry Collins for saying things would turn around. I saw no indication of it at the time, but this is a good trip.


I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon – cable car – just because the Mets had a fun time in San Francisco. Afterall, they’ve had good stretches before. But, all you have to do is go back to last year and St. Louis and Tampa to see teams get hot late.

I wouldn’t suggest playoffs, but .500 is not out of the question. There are several things outside of making the playoffs that would define this as a successful season, and .500 is one of them.

The Mets are 8.5 games behind in the wild card stretch, but after dismantling the Giants they are only two games under .500. You take these things in small steps and two games isn’t much to make up considering all the games remaining.

Five-hundred? It isn’t the ultimate goal of this team, but it is possible and represents significant progress.

Yes, there are holes in their game, notably the pen. But, Bobby Parnell had a strong outing in the SF series and the pen hasn’t done badly on this trip. Let’s see if they can maintain.  It’s not a pennant race, but it is a small step and that’s what rebuilding teams are about.


6 thoughts on “Is .500 For Mets Really A Pipe Dream?

  1. Cable car. Nice reference.

    As you point out they are a 500 team right now.

    This is what makes baseball so compelling. There are a lot of games and things can change fairly quickly. In one week you can go from heros to goats and back again. Then again a few games here or there can make or break a season.

    Too bad the game is not all or nothing anymore. You win your division our you’re out. That would mean this team would be done now so fans would have less to argue about but it also means you built a better team.

      • This team is done. They are 8 or 9 out of W.C with 5 teams to catch. They won 3 of 4 from the Giants and and then go to S.D. and loose 2 out of 3. Does that give you any glimmer of hope that they could put together a good run? In my opinion if they win 78, or win 82 that is not a significant improvement, because in a Nationaly League that is not overpowering this year they will still finish double digits out of a playoff spot. And what of next year, assuming Wheeler is up by June the rotation can once again be solid, but the outfield is putrid, the bullpen needs another overhaul and we need a catcher. Thole cannot hit and is below average defensively. I am done being suckered by this team, only to watch them fold in July. Whether if be next year, 2014 or whenever, they will not get dime of my money unless they are significantly over .500 in august. . .

  2. This team has problems as JD points out. But sometimes things click and you go on a roll and you are in it again. The bullpen looks alot better with Edgin and Francisco coming back, Parnell goes back to the 7th or 8th inning where he is comfortable. Its not a coincidence that the slide occurred right after we lost our closer. 81/2 games out of WC with 2 months left looks like a lot but if they take care of Pads and Marlins the next 2 series, it could be 5 games or so with plenty of baseball left. If Santana can resume his pre-no hitter form I can see them making some noise.

    • Sadecki: I like what Edgin has done and Parnell has had good spots this season. Maybe, he’ll have a few more. It can be done, especially with two WC slots.-JD

  3. if indeed the bullpen is fixed, that leaves the outfield as the next major problem. Lets hope Duda or Kirk can figure it out in the minors. Keeping Hairston is looking pretty smart right now.