Mets Considering Juggling Rotation

Mets manager Terry Collins confirmed on his weekly radio show he’s contemplating using R.A. Dickey on short rest, which would enable Johan Santana and Chris Young to get more rest.

Sounds plausible, but we don’t know what toll, if any, this would have on Dickey. He does throw a knuckleball, but but it isn’t a conventional knuckler.

Another thing the Mets are throwing against the wall to see if it will stick is limiting Jon Niese’s innings similar to what Washington is thinking about with Stephen Strasburg. Niese ended recent seasons on the mend so it isn’t a bad idea, especially if the Mets are out of it.




5 thoughts on “Mets Considering Juggling Rotation

  1. I guess the team wants a 6 man rotation. I read about that earlier in the year.

    Perhaps when Johan comes back they will have a 6 man rotation keeping RA on normal rotation and rotating everyone else? If you limit Niese it puts more pressure on the pen which is not good already.

    A 6 man rotation would give the starters rest, but one or two of them would also have to change to long relief.

    None are good options. The best is to have healthy arms that can pitch a game. We have that in RA and that is about it I guess. One more reason why the team needs to lock this guy down and give him a nice contract.

    • dave: I don’t like this at all. It’s not something you experiment with in August. Pitchers are creatures of habit and you don’t fool around like this late in the season. It is an invitation for somebody to get hurt. … There are pitchers being DFA’d around MLB (Derek Lowe for one). Somebody should be available to eat innings.-JD

  2. santana has had plenty of time to rest. niese is young and its time to stretch him out. young will be gone next year anyway. i dont like babying pitchers. if u cant go every 5 then there is something wrong. why mess up dickeys routine?

    • ray sadecki: Messing up the routine of your most effective pitcher is nuts. Who knows? They might be inclined to shut down Santana to protect him. If they are out of it, why not?-JD