Mets To Stay Quiet Today

One of the most bizarre scenes I’ve witnessed in covering ball came in the clubhouse in the old Metrodome when the Orioles were playing the Twins at the trade deadline. The target of interest was Bobby Bonilla. Back then the deadline was midnight. Bonilla sat at his locker not saying a word – yeah, that’s the hard part to believe – as the clock clicked down.

HAIRSTON: Goes deep twice last night. (AP)

Bonilla stayed and the Orioles did nothing big that year, much like the Mets this season. Winning again last night has done nothing to chance the Mets trade landscape. None of the “name” players are going, although Scott Hairston could draw some interest. Hairston, Jordany Valdespin and Tim Byrdak. All serviceable, all capable of helping somebody down the stretch.

None, however, will bring much in return. If you’re the Mets and you aren’t adding to win this year, then you’ll be building for the future. But, the Mets’ role players won’t bring much. They are better off staying and possibly building next summer’s bench.


5 thoughts on “Mets To Stay Quiet Today

    • sadecki: If the Mets believed they are out of it, he has some value in the market based on how he’s played. I wouldn’t want to trade him because of his value next season, but if you’re collecting pieces he might have brought in something.-JD

      • I dont get it. He IS a piece. young with speed and power. Isnt that what the mets need?

        • Yes. I like him too.

          I don’t know if he is one of the answers for the future, but at least he is a good bench player. He has some power and is a middle infielder.

          Our infield is ok right now. We have Ruben and Dan is rounding out to be a good player. I like the competition that will happen over the next few years.

  1. Well they did nothing.

    I wouldn’t trade Valdespin. If nothing else he makes the bench stronger which has been a weakness for some time.