Mets Still Something To See

The Mets have lost 13 of 15 games and their season has long since gone from a fade to a collapse. And, knowing there won’t be a season-saving deal, what’s the use of watching these guys?

I’ll tell you.

Now, you know me as anything but a homer. Of all the Mets’ bloggers, I just might be one of the more critical. Even so, there’s still a lot to like about watching this team.

Remember, this was supposed to be a rebuilding year, and we’re about to see how they response from adversity. Winning a half-dozen games in July has dug an enormous hole.

Here’s why I still tune them in:

David Wright: He’s having a great season, his recent slump notwithstanding. He’s shown us again and again he’s not only the face, but the heart of this franchise. It’s time to reward him with the extension he deserves.

R.A. Dickey: Yes, he’s had some bumps lately, but he’s also thrown a pair of one-hitters. He gives the Mets a chance every time he pitches.

Daniel Murphy: The man without a position in spring training has taken to second base. He’s not Ryne Sandberg, but he’s improving daily.

Ruben Tejada: I won’t say, `Jose who?’ But, he’s shown he can handle shortstop and the bat. A keeper, and for years to come.

Tim Byrdak and Josh Thole: So what if they got into it in the dugout last week. They showed they still care. The losing regardless, their hearts remain in it.  If they care, then maybe we should, too. This has been a resilient bunch all year. They still might have a run in them, and it’s worth watching to find out.


6 thoughts on “Mets Still Something To See

  1. some good points, John. You forgot to mention Harvey, Valdespin and Kirk. spin and Kirk need to be getting regular at bats somewhere. Both were rushed. I cannot take Bay anymore. This road trip is his last chance. He will booed unmercifully when he gets back to queens if this keeps up.

  2. Nice list.

    I have liked what I see of Thole. He seems much improved from recent years behind the plate where he had issues playing the position.

    I got a kick out of the all star game where the manager was protecting the starting catcher from having to actually catch someone not predictable. Imagine that? An all star catcher needs to be protected from catching because.. he can’t catch. Makes me appreciate Thole more.

    As you say Murphy is actually not bad at 2b.

    • dave: Good points about Thole. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a big hitter, but as long as his game-calling and defense improve, that’s what is most important.-JD