Mets, Niese Routed By Diamondbacks

With no hot shot rookie to propel them, the Mets were reduced to Terry Collins’ vow of working the count and pitching better. Arizona scored six in the second and it was over just like that. Another snake bite in the desert.

NIESE: Hammered.

Just a miserable night altogether, although the Matt Harvey videos were nice.

Usually, the Mets hang around in games and find annoying ways to lose late. Yesterday was refreshing because it was over early. The butler did it in the second chapter.


4 thoughts on “Mets, Niese Routed By Diamondbacks

  1. Delcos, Its too bad you dont join the conversations anymore. We miss you. I guess Niese was due for a bad outing. He has been great the last 2 months. Here is a thought- Next year the Mets could possibly have a full rotation of home grown, young starters- Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Gee and the forgotten Pelfry.

    • I read last year that Pelfrey may not be here next year.

      With arbitration he may be priced out. I don’t know how the economics works, but he pitches a lot of inning even if he is not always a consistent pitcher.

    • sadecki: You are so right. I slipped this last week on replies. My fault. I take pride in the interaction, but I haven’t been good lately. Glad to see you’re back.-JD