Matt Harvey Scintillating As Mets Win

It was only one game, and not even six innings to boot. But, for one night at least, Matt Harvey gave the Mets a glimpse of a future that could be good. A 3-1 victory last night at Arizona, a place usually difficult for the Mets, snapped their losing streak and gave the team a positive hope.

HARVEY: First impression was a good one. (AP)

In his debut, anticipated for weeks, Harvey gave up three hits and struck out 11 and collected two hits of his own.

Later, he spoke as a vet.

“When I was warming up I looked around and kind of took everything in,” Harvey said. “At that moment I really did believe that I was meant to pitch in the big leagues. It was everything I could have imagined. I just wanted to do everything I could to keep the team in a winning distance.”

Harvey, the Mets’ first pick in the 2010 draft, set a franchise record for strikeouts in a debut, and became the first pitcher since 1900 to strike out more than 10 and collect a pair of hits in his first game.

“He lived up to exactly what everybody has talked about him,” said Mets manager Terry Collins. “Now I want him to go out the next time and be a little more comfortable yet pitch as effectively as he did today. He is a different cat.”

The most important thing about last night? With the season slipping away, Harvey gave us

a reason to watch again.

7 thoughts on “Matt Harvey Scintillating As Mets Win

  1. I didn’t catch the game last night, however I did catch the replay this morning on fast forward.

    It was great to see a guy with what he has. Live fastball and movement on the pitches. I know he won’t do it the rest of the year and he will tax the pen, but wow.

    I like his attitude. I belong. It is cocky but so far he has backed it up.

    If he can spend this season learning how to pitch up here it will make next year much more positive. And to think Wheeler is supposed to be better.

    Thanks Omar. Nice pick.

  2. I was there last night at chase field to see harvey pitch and he exceeded expections. I could really hear the glove pop when he threw his gas. Bay sucked as usual. I dont know how much longer they can keep running him out there. Kudos to Edgin who put out a fire in the 7th and kept Harveys ERA at 0.00. Edgin is finally the 2nd lefty the Mets needed. Francisco coming back soon and Parnell didnt blow the save despite the dreaded 9th inning lead off walk. Maybe its not over yet. 61/2 out of wild card.

    • Yes. Edgin did clean up the mess. For whatever reason they felt he needed more time in the minors rather than bringing him up earlier.

    • sadecki: The WC isn’t totally out of reach, but they need to start playing better late in the games. Hopefully, Harvey will add something and the bullpen picks it up. The reliever I am concerned with is Bobby Parnell. He’s got the stuff, but something is wrong.-JD

  3. Dave, Dan Dekker is striking out i of 3 times in AAA. I dont see a savior there. Same problem with kirk, too many whiffs.Same with Duda. They need to get some outside help for the OF. Bay needs to be cut now. At least Torres showed some life last night with a ringing triple off the wall. I would keep Valdespin in Left, Torres in CF for now and find a slugger to play RF.

    • I haven’t followed the minor leagues that closely recently but Dekker has been good most of the year and can play D.

      There is also someone one level down who is ok also.

      The reason why I keep looking at the minors is it seems this team is about promoting from within rather than spending money outside. Remember the Wilpons are still looking for change in the couch.