Marlins Deal Ramirez; Where Were Mets?

I don’t know about you, but I had to laugh when I heard about the Hanley Ramirez trade, and also news the Marlins might be shopping Jose Reyes.

Evidently, the Marlins put a lot of thought into the Reyes signing.  Or, at least a minimum of good thought.

I look at the prospects the Dodgers gave up for Ramirez and Randy Choate and wonder where the Mets were at the time. Surely, they had prospects equal to that of the Dodgers, but the Marlins didn’t want to trade within the division.

It’s simple actually, but it does tell you how screwed up the Marlins are as a franchise. Word is they are taking offers for Josh Johnson, and the Red Sox are at the front of the line.

There’s a week remaining before the trade deadline and already some primetime names have moved. Wonder who’ll be the first to raid Flushing?

4 thoughts on “Marlins Deal Ramirez; Where Were Mets?

  1. I think it is a given that when Reyes gets close to his big salary years he will be dealt. I think it goes 25mil a year after the first 2 yrs. Who will take that on? Maybe Yanks but I doubt it with new luxury tax limit

    • sadecki: More and more it looks as if the Mets did the right thing by not going after Reyes. The Marlins even thought about dealing him before the deadline.-JD

  2. Although Hanley is a nice player you have written several times about his attitude. Do we really need a prima donna here?

    Also where do you put him? We have a ss, we have a 3b. Do you put him out of position in OF just to get his bat there? Yes, we have a weak OF. We have a CF coming up in Dan Dekker. We need corner guys with power. Capt Kirk might fill one of the spots but he is a doubles hitter with good D and flexibility on the OF.

    I will pass on Hanley.

    The Marlins did what they always do. Make some big signings and take a shot at the WS. As a fan I can’t blame them. They have been more successful than we have over the past 10 years.

    As for Johnson he is a nice talent. I looked him up and he has been injured. Still when healthy he would look great in Queens.

    • dave: All valid points on Ramirez. What I was trying to say, and didn’t do a great job, obviously, is that while a lot is going on the Mets were silent.-JD