Mets Waited Too Long …. As We Expected

When the  Mets looked into over the cliff a few weeks ago but failed to make a deal, many thought by the time they would be ready it would be too late.

Guess what?

That’s exactly what happened. The Mets have lost 11 of 12 and are behind by double-digits. It doesn’t matter whom they trade for now, the competitive part of the season is over. ┬áThe Nationals have too much good pitching to fold now and there are too many teams they must leapfrog for a wild card.

The Mets will wait until next year as we expected. Let’s hope the things that put the Mets in position to make this year exciting will be in place in the future, such as R.A. Dickey’s run and the pre-no hit Johan Santana.

You never know what the future might bring. We don’t know if the Mets will have the same things in place that made the first three months exciting and hopeful. We also don’t know if those young pitchers will blossom.

The Mets had a chance this season to make a play, but gambled next year’s hand will be better. We shall see.


6 thoughts on “Mets Waited Too Long …. As We Expected

  1. The last time they made a deal as buyers was for castillo. that was what? 5 years ago. 5 years and 5 second half collapses later here we are. Its deja vu all over again. I told people not to get too excited about this years team unless they did something about their bullpen. The genius Alderson couldnt see that? Brett Myers is a player I have campaigned for here for years. I dont think blue chippers were given up to get him. Its about the money as always. Mets fans will rightly stay away in droves until the wilpons are gone.

    • I think the problem with Castillo was not the initial trade to get him, but the large contract we gave him when he became a free agent and the preferential treatment he received by the team when he dogged it.

  2. John Harper of the Daily news has a great idea. Lets trade Murphy for relief help. We have plenty of .300 hitters with extra base power (29 doubles) so daniel is expendable. Oh yes, as the obvious wilpon hack points out, Murphy is coming to his arbitration years. Now they have to actually pay the kid !

    • Who? How many 300 hitters do we have on the team?

      If you are saying Valdespin can handle 2b I will give it a shot, but it is a risk.

      • Dave, you obviously missed the sarcasm. No I dont want to trade Murphy, especially for a freaking relief pitcher. they could get krod back here for a song.
        About castillo. the point was that was the last time they did anything at midseason to help the team.