Memo To Terry Collins: Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

As I type this the Mets are flying to blistering Phoenix with the words of Terry Collins ringing in my ears. The Mets followed up their 1-5 road trip with an 0-6 homestand.

Collins’ post-game presser today was filled with promises we’ve heard before. Over the next two weeks, the Mets will start playing as they did in the first half. They would b more patient with their at-bats; they would pitch better; they would play better defense; and, they would be fundamentally sound.

Sounds good. Also sounds like something we’ve heard before. What I don’t understand is how Collins can promise all this. If it were something that could be readily promised and delivered, then why don’t the Mets play that way all the time?

The thing is Collins can’t make such a promise. Not only is it impossible, but he doesn’t have the talent on his team to make it happen.


3 thoughts on “Memo To Terry Collins: Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

  1. It is not always about talent, it is about desire. If they are willing to sit the players who are not playing well then they might get better. I agree that the team is not playing well in part because of lack of talent. They finally sent Duda down. Their OF still is not major league average. Ike is still hitting 200 other players are in funks, but I notice Murphy is still not terrible at 2b. He has improved.

    Oh and our pitching is weak. With the injury to Gee we just don’t have the starting pitching. We have Harvey up because the team is fighting for survival.

    We have a rotation of RA and Niese. We need 20 relievers on the team to make up the innings. It will be interesting.

  2. Harveys outing tonight makes the picture look much brighter. Anybody want Reyes back? I cant wait to see who miami sticks with that contract lol

    • I commented in some thread earlier that I like what Ruben has done. He has made me forget Jose.