Young Can’t Stop Mets Freefall

Chris Young did his job. Two runs we’ll take. And, it happened early. Then the Mets became amazing again, and not in a good way.

A team rallies to tie the game late, then gets blown away in extra innings. How often does that happen? Maybe once every few seasons? But, in back-to-back games? I wish I were joking, but nope. It happened Sunday and Monday. The Mets have now lost five straight, again, and ten of 11.

Yup, that’s the definition of freefall.

Ruben Tejada committed a costly error last night, but it is hard to get on him because he’s been so good this season. Pedro Beato couldn’t overcome adversity, which is his job. He’s gone.

It looks as if Lucas Duda might be optioned to make room for Matt Harvey, but does it matter anymore?

7 thoughts on “Young Can’t Stop Mets Freefall

  1. This morning I heard that the Yanks got Ichiro for a few million.

    He would have been an immediate impact on the team. He could play CF, play great defense, be the leadoff hitter and greatly increase the speed of the team and Duda could be sent down to learn to play the OF while learning plate discipline.

    It wouldn’t solve the Bay issue, but your Defense in the OF would be good and with his bat hopefully allow us to be more consistent at the plate.

    But this is what happens when you turn a blind eye to your buddy who is running a ponzi scheme and forces you to collect food stamps to pay the team.

      • Perhaps. But at the end of the day they will either be flat or have less going out than going in after the Madoff estate has finished suing everyone.

        • come on. they already settled out of court. stop making excuses for these idiots. Maybe bill maher could run the team better. jeez !

          • Oh did they?

            I lost track. I know the judge did not give the Madoff estate the $1B they were seeking. After that I lost interest because the Wilpons would continue to own the team.

    • Yeah as John says since before the all star break the team has sucked.

      Last night I heard some commentators simply say the team doesn’t have talent. I can’t really argue with that. Our starting RF was sent down due to lack of production. Our CF has been injured or can’t really hit. Our catchers can’t hit too much ( although I am impressed that Thole doesn’t seem to be a liability behind the plate anymore ). Last nights catcher can’t hit 200.

      Our starting pitching has been good but now they are injured. Our pen for the first few weeks was good and now they suck. We make a lot of errors in part because you have a lot of players who are out of position. Yesterday I saw Hairston bobble a few balls out in RF. David has been the only consistent bat in the lineup. That is simply not enough.