Mets Now Fading Into Sellers?

Falling below .500, the Mets are no longer the National League’s feel-good story. That would be Pittsburgh and Washington, two perennial losers poking on top of their respective divisions.

As the Mets struggled the past weeks and faded, they resisted the urge to buy relief help, the commodity that will define this season. Mathematically, they remain alive, but watching those long faces in the dugout yesterday afternoon in the 12th inning, one can surmise the frowns greater than the math.

They might have another run in them, but they must start it against the Nationals, followed by ten games in the Pacific Time Zone. Yeah, no problem.

As the Mets transform from buyers into sellers, just who do the have worth putting on the block. David Wright, Daniel Murphy and R.A. Dickey would bring the most, but they are the core to next year and those beyond.

Any of their relievers, save Bobby Parnell and maybe Tim Byrdak can be had.  Byrdak, actually could bring something if the Mets were to call it quits. Off the bench, Scott Hairston and Jordany Valdespin might bring some value, but I’d like to keep both.

As the story of this season is written, things unraveled first with the bullpen and then the starting pitching. The offense, while not great, has been good enough to put them into contention.



26 thoughts on “Mets Now Fading Into Sellers?

  1. You sound just like the loser Sandy Alderson. An excuse for making no moves. Don’t take a risk, don’t make a run. And why not trade Wright. He ain’t staying long. Notice how everyone, even the Pirates are tieing up their stars as long as possible. Everyone that is except the Mets.

    • Take a look at what Alderson was left with by the prior GM and then look at the moves he has made since. Most of them have worked out well. If you expected a WS run in 2 years, then you don’t have a clue about baseball.
      And you do not trade your star player, that is why you do not trade Wright. Teams that do that find themselves constantly rebuilding. As for other teams signing their stars long term, David has said he would rather not do a deal during the season, which is to his credit, as it reduces the chance for distraction.
      Oh, and why have the Pirates had such a good season? Because they didn’t trade away their budding stars and allowed the young guys to grow. Like what Sandy is doing with the Mets.

  2. I’d trade Murphy if you can get a good deal back. They have guys who can play second in the minors.

    Please, if you can find someone to give back value in return, trade Parnell.

    Hairston is replacable by Valdespin. Don’t fall into the trap Omar did with Jose Valentin and Damion Easley. Lightning in a bottle. Sell high. Especially if Mike Baxter can come back in a couple of weeks. I’d rather let Captain Kirk play every day than have Hairston start. I think the bloom is off that rose.

  3. A few weeks ago it lookedl like Murphy was a goner. There were many articles written when he was in his slump that he was worthless. Valdespin needed a place to play and murph was blocking him at second. Now that Daniel is over .300 again that talk has been silenced. His play at secoond is improving So lets keep him. Jordanny can fit somewhere in that dreadfull outfield for now.

    • Murphy can hit in the bigs, he has also improved his defense greatly under Tuefel.

      I would be reluctant to trade him as he is a solid avg hitter although he has no power. The other guys have talent and perhaps more upside, but bird in the hand and all that.

  4. Im having my doubts about Alderson. His job number one this winter was to fix the bullpen. How did that work out? Pagan at least was useful. better than the bum we got back. He let Capuano walk. Am I missing anything? Please leave wheeler out of this until he Shows what he can do in MLB.

    • I think you are being harsh.

      Sandy has done a good job. The kids in the minors are progressing and the minors are no longer a joke. Wheeler is a big deal. We traded for him by giving away a very good player on a rental for a pitcher who many are very high on. I cannot see how you can discount that trade.

      Look at the other players who have helped. Murphy is becoming a servicable 2b, Valdespin is a nice role player, Capt Kirk has come up to play a nice role. Parnell is starting to learn to be a pitcher.

      Sandy so far seems like a much improved GM over the previous guy.

      • Dave, All of those players you mentioned were left over from the old regime. Remember “In Omar we trust?” you can hire a chimpanzee to hold on to the young players and do nothing while the team fades into oblivion once again.

        • Sadeki
          Yes I am aware they were brought in by Omar.

          The thing is what did Omar do with all his talent? I remember one year where the top of the draft was all relievers. Really? Relievers? I don’t think any of those pitchers are still with the team or even in baseball. What a wasted draft.

          But what did he do? We have Pelfrey which I think they ruined. Parnell didn’t do much but maybe he was just young and should have been in the minors to learn to pitch. He still hasn’t quite learned that trick although he can throw heat. There is FMart who we finally released. I am not a fan of releasing him, but maybe it was best for both parties. Then there is everyone’s favorite player Lastings. I don’t think anyone would say he lacked talent. He could hit, he had power and could run. The problem is he couldn’t play the game. They made a point of putting him on the post season roster so he could experience the show. Really? He can sit in the stands or sit in the dugout for that.

          He had an attitude problem. He thought he knew it all. He was a showboat for a guy who didn’t do anything. Now he is either back in the minors or out of baseball. He should be in our outfield now instead of Duda. The problem is they didn’t handle him right. They didn’t teach him the fundamentals like how to track a ball or what base to throw to, etc. He could hit but he still needed training on how to hit. In the end he was a disruption to the team which is unfortunate because he had talent.

          So I look at examples like the above and believe that in the short time Sandy has been here that we are doing more things correctly.

          • JD, I like the new reply button. Dave, Yes Omar was a buffoon and rushed everybody up to try to save his worthless ass. Maybe he drafted all relievers that year because he lost his good draft picks by signing Alou and other fossils. As the yankees have shown there is talent out there for the taking if you spend a little money which again falls to the wilpons. Everybody knew the bullpen was terrible but no steps were taken. Now its too late and fans will not come out any more. I will go to thursdays game here in Arizona only because Harvey is pitching. I dont know who is worse Dolan or Wilpon. Both have destroyed great franchises by thier stupidity.

            • The problem with the pen is not just the quality, but the fact that they are already burning out. The avg number of innings pitched by the starters was/is low, so the workload by the pen was increased. As they get used, they tire, and they begin to struggle.
              Omar’s reliever draft was due to the pen sucking the prior year, so he overcompensated. Joe Smith anyone?
              Bullpen guys for the most part are a crapshoot. You hope to get a couple of solid guys, and then fill in the blanks. Rauch and Francisco weren’t terrible moves in the grand scheme of things, but overwork has hurt them (not to mention injuries).

              As for Pagan, do we forget how bad he was last year? They were going to non-tender him, and were able to get a decent arm back. Unfortunately, he struggled, and then got hurt celebrating Johan’s no-no.

              Regarding the draft, the Wilpon’s kowtowed to Selig’s line and rarely went over slot, unlike the Yankees and other teams. They did spend a lot internationally, with little in the way of results (see, Martinez, Fernando: Pena, Francisco, et al).

              Oh, Dolan is much worse than Fred. Though Charles Wang is a close second (they actually drafted defensemen with EVERY pick in this years NHL draft. Seven guys. DUMB).

              • ed,

                Pagans numbers last year were:
                7/56/.262 which is not great but the 32 sb 7cs would sure be useful at the top of the mets lineup, wouldnt it?

                • well, can we be sure if he stayed he would have gotten on base at the same clip he has in SF?
                  Frankly, I was never an Angel fan. way too streaky for a leadoff guy.

                  • I am not a big fan of Angel either. He had that one really good year where he put it together. Mostly he has been a 4th OF. His big problem is his head. He makes too many bonehead mistakes. He is not a rookie anymore.

            • Both Dolan and Wilpon are terrible

              I will agree that the team did not do enough in the offseason to make a better team. I wonder how much this is the GM’s fault as there were real questions about finances for the team during the offseason.

              They still have problems. At least half of the minority interest is controlled by the owners so a lot of the money is just an accounting shell game.

  5. As i commented on the other post, Ichiro was bought by the Yanks for a few million. He would have been a good rental for us while improving OF defense, the lineup and speed on the bases.

  6. regarding Milledge, He wasnt much of a hitter either it turns out. I remember getting blasted here every time I thought he was no big deal. Mets fans love thier prospects. speaking of ruining careers, do you remember Ryan Church? They almost ruined Beltran too but he was smart and got his own doctor and had the work done. Remember how Minaya went into a fit over that? Its pretty easy to look good after omars act.

    • I used to write what a jerk Lastings was and how he did not deserve to be in the majors until he learned how to play. And yes, there were many supporters of his who called others’ haters because they had an issue with his budding music career.

      I remember Church. I liked him. He was a decent player. He played the game the right way and the team did not look out for him. Sybil called him out for missing a bag when he rounded the bases, but a few weeks later when one of his faves did something stupid he just said oh well, one of those things.

      If I remember it was not Omar who blasted Beltran it was the owner. Omar did say that the team did not give him permission but ultimately sat on the fence. So the team replaced him for a week and had their boy the asst GM blast him. Freddy is a turd. I hate him and little Jeffy.

      • Well, I was one of those who thought Lastings was gonna be good. He did have some nice stats in the minors. Alas, he was called up too soon (seems to be a common thread during the Omar years, no?) and never lived up to the hype. I was also among those who could not have cared less about his so called music career. I was among those who thought he was being pilloried by many in the media for reasons unrelated to his performance. John and I had some “discussions” about this subject :-). Lastings, Gomez and others were rushed due to poor bench construction, so when the likes of Alou, Greene and others got hurt, they had to rush kids up who were not ready. Add to that the lack of proper fundies being taught in the minors (Hi Tony Bernazard!), and viola! disaster.

        Church was good, but they ruined him. The FO had problems listening to the medical staff and decided they knew better, letting guys play hurt, or get on airplanes after suffering concussions. Thankfully, we are past that crap.

  7. Id like to see Sandy shop Dickey….if he can get 2 or 3 Wheeler level prospects….we should pull the trigger