Mets In Huge Buyers Market

Of the 30 major league teams, only six after at least 10 games behind in the wild-card standings. The Mets are only 3.5 games behind, a position which should have them as prime buyers.

The problem of shopping in the bullpen aisle, say the Mets, is the cost. That translates into not expecting too much. Huston Street and Jonathan Broxton, while manageable in salary, extract a big prospect price the Mets aren’t willing to pay.

In weighing the present and future, the scales a tipping toward the latter, said assistant GM John Ricco: “We’re watching every day the same thing people are. But you also can’t fool yourself into thinking that there’s one guy that is going to be the be-all and end-all solution to all of our problems. You can fall into that trap and make some big mistakes.”

The problem for Sandy Alderson is his team isn’t one of the six 10 games out, which is what the expectations of them were – probably even from Mets management. Alderson never thought he’d be a buyer.

Although their contracts are Jeremy Lin Ridiculous, Alderson was thinking maybe somebody would be desperate enough to take the Johan Santana and Jason Bay off his hands.

Despite their skid, the Mets are in it now. There’s no guarantee in the future Alderson is trying to protect that they’ll be close again anytime soon. That defines the pressure he is under.

3 thoughts on “Mets In Huge Buyers Market

  1. John, Johan’s deal isn’t Lindiculous. Johan at least has proven over a longer period of time he can excel. Lin has what, 25 games under his belt?

    Bay on the other hand, well, his contract is Baydiculous. The good news is he will not reash the at bat levels needed to vest the 2014 year. The bad news is, they will probably keep trotting him out there.

    It is hard to decide what to give up when you are so close to contending for a WC spot. Is it worth trading some depth now for what could turn out to be only 1 post season game? Frankly, if they were able to get a young arm or two for the pen that would be controllable for a couple of years, perhaps trading some of the depth would work. For instance, the Ray’s like Duda, maybe deal him for one of their surplus arms? Then you can play Valdespin or Captain Kirk every day. Maybe lose a little power potential, but get better defense and better overall hitting.

    • Interesting proposal. Duda is a flawed player who probably will grow into a monster power hitter.

      We have some outfielders in the minors but they are A ball or below I think.

      As for Johan I am surprised John has him listed as a potential trade. Yes he has a big contract but we will need him for the next 2 years. I think it is worth it as he comes to play every day. He gets hurt but so do the other ( younger ) players.

      That said if we want to deal him I am sure there are teams that could use a veteran who knows how to pitch. He is no lower than a #3 on any post season team.