Mets Fall To Nats; Chris Young Has Late Inning Trouble Again

There it was, the sixth inning and Chris Young was cruising. We have been here before. It is the third time around the order when Young loses it. Trouble is, it happens so quickly. An infield hit and a couple of batters later, Adam LaRoche homered with two strikes.

You’d take two runs over six innings every time from Young, but it would help if the offense scored. Home runs in the ninth from David Wright and Jason Bay were cosmetic more than anything.

There are two ways to avoid the late-inning Young woes. The first is to pull him out after five regardless. The second is to pull him once a runner gets on. Trouble is, with what the Mets have in the pen, you’re talking rock and hard place.

And, all this came after a team meeting in which Terry Collins wanted to salve the Mets’ growing wounds, which is now in the form of a six-game losing streak, their longest of the season.

The Mets aren’t pitching well, at least not in the pen and recently from R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana. They aren’t hitting. I wrote yesterday how the Mets were on the edge and their season was on the verge of slipping away. Nothing has changed and there aren’t any signs of things getting better.

One thing Collins told his players that if change was to come it was to be from within. There’s no promises of adding relief pitching or a right-handed bat. It could happen, but Collins said not to count on it.

In saying so, he said count on this summer slipping away.


4 thoughts on “Mets Fall To Nats; Chris Young Has Late Inning Trouble Again

  1. It seems like every year there is one team that surprises in the first half and then falls apart after the All Star game. It is looking like it’s the Mets this year. Meanwhile after several years of terrible baseball, the Gnats get some young talent and Davey Johnson molds them into the best record in the National League. Didn’t we see this 30 years ago in Flushing?

    • Yeah. We did didn’t we? The Nationals have been drafting pitching and these guys have made it to the big club. We may have to take some pain this year until next year when Harvey is in the rotation and the year after when Wheeler makes it.

      Our rotation will be
      Gee ( or someone).

      I don’t remember when Johan’s contract is up and if he resigns with us.

  2. To me the problem was more the lack of offense. Yeah, two late HR’s, but nothing early. The bats have been weak for a while now.

    More runs alleviates pressure on the starters.

    • The bats have been weak all season. Ike has been terrible and Duda only hits HR’s. Ruben has been hurt for a stretch. David was just a machine and I think he has cooled off a bit.