Only The Mets

Yes, only the Mets could lose one like this. Reminiscent of the balk game in Atlanta. Of course, you remember?

HARPER: Bryce Harper barreling into David Wright on game-tying triple. (AP)

After a dramatic ninth-inning comeback – wouldn’t it be great if Jordany Valdespin could pinch-hit three times a game? – the Mets blew leads in the ninth and tenth innings in losing 5-4 in ten innings to the Nationals tonight.

Resiliency has been the Mets’ signature all year. So too, the Nationals, which is why they are in first place.

The Mets left runners on base. David Wright on third with no outs in the seventh and they couldn’t get him home. A bad call likely cost the Mets a run in the eighth. Andres Torres was clearly safe at first, and assuming the events would follow as they did, would have scored on Daniel Murphy’s double.

And, as has been the case all year, the bullpen imploded. A scintillating performance by Jon Niese was wasted.

Bobby Parnell can throw it 99 mph., but even at that speed, it gets hit if it’s down the middle. I liked how Parnell used his curve, but his fastball, while having plenty of velocity, had little movement. It was flat, and at this level, a hittable pitch.

You had to like how they fought back in the ninth, and the tenth after losing the lead. But, after Bryce Harper’s game-tying triple off Tim Byrdak, you knew this wasn’t going to end well.

The Mets intentionally walked two hitters, which was the right thing to do and got a force at the plate, but Pedro Beato threw a wild pitch after getting two strikes. Seriously? Who else does that happen to?

Terry Collins said after the game “we have to reach down deep for whatever we have left and salvage what’s left of this trip,” and it’s true. The Mets have shown resiliency and have to do it again. No, make that they MUST do it.

It’s not a stretch anymore to say their season depends on it.


2 thoughts on “Only The Mets

  1. Can we finally put to rest the notion that Parnell is going to be a closer?
    He flat out stinks in the role. I don’t know what it is, but he just cannot get the job done.

    And Hairston did not look good on Harper’s triple. Along with 3 K’s. Methinks we are starting to see him fall back to earth, much like other guys who shone bright for a while and then starter to falter. Look back to 2006 at Jose Valentin, 2007 for Easley. It happens. He will be fine as a PH, but he can’t be playing often.

    Starter, bullpen, righthanded bat. Lots to get. Probably won’t get it all.

    • I saw Bobby pitch about a week ago and he did fine. He moved the ball around and threw something other than the fastball.

      This weekend I caught an inning where he gave up a few. He only threw fastballs and missed the target. An outside pitch became one down the middle which got hit..

      He needs to control his stuff and use his secondary pitches. I think he can be a closer, but he needs to learn to pitch which he clearly is having trouble with. He needs to trust that 95 mph won’t get it done.

      He needs to watch Santana and see that an 89 mph fastball used effectively works.