Matt Harvey Effectively Wild In Audition

A no-hitter would have been too much to ask for, but Matt Harvey took one into the sixth. Harvey walked four, hit a batter and gave up three hits, but pitched with poise as he passed his audition Monday night in Buffalo.

HARVEY: Kept his head (Mets)

Expect him to pitch this weekend against the Dodgers. Does he believe he’s ready?

“I do,” he told reporters. “Today I obviously wasn’t happy with as many walks. I feel like my last couple of starts have been pretty good. And I’m feeling confident with all of my pitches.”

Of course, what else is he going to say?

As I watched, I didn’t care too much about the walks – he’ll have to do better Saturday – but instead paid attention to how he kept his composure in pitching out of trouble. He did an admirable job.

The Mets made no announcement after the game, but I’d bet on seeing him at Citi Field this weekend.

9 thoughts on “Matt Harvey Effectively Wild In Audition

  1. JD, please try and pull up a side by side comparison as to where pelfrey, and gee were in their careers compared to where Harvey is now. It would be interesting to see, Pelf may of been rushed, idk about gee. The thing with pelf is that he was a huge K machine in the minors and he was less than a power pitcher the past few years, what gives? – BOB

    • I think the problem with Pelf is his pitching coach took away his second pitch the curve and substituted a slider or something after he hit queens.

      so he had one pitch and the hitters learned to wait for the fastball.

      pelf also gets nervous, most likely cause he got hammered because he has one pitch. chalk this up to his genius pitching coach.

      from what i read harvey has some pretty good secondary pitches, but has problems with the change. they are working on him to not throw the fastball all the time.

      I think it is time for harvey. he needs more time in the minors, but the club needs him. our other young pitchers weren’t ready either. both niese and gee came up because of injuries. let us see what the kid has.

      wheeler is coming up fast. if harvey is promoted, perhaps wheeler goes to aaa. assuming everyone is healthy next spring there will be some decisions to make on the rotation. we haven’t had that problem in a long time.

      • Yeah, Rick Petersen had Pelf scrap his good curveball for a slider that he never quite mastered. He also went from being a big K guy in college to not being a guy who got a lot of strikeouts. He did get a lot of groundballs, which is nice, as K’s increase pitch count, but a guy needs to be able to get a K once in a while. Pelf didn’t have that ability.

        • Ed: No, you couldn’t rely on Pelfrey for a strikeout when you needed one from him. He did have a tendency to run up his pitch count. Before you knew it, he had 100 and it was the sixth inning.-JD

      • dave: Good analysis. Pelfrey did try to think too much and this was because of the pitching coaches. … Harvey pitched well enough last night to warrant a promotion if that’s what the team wants. If they are rushing him, there’s only one way to find out. Truth is, they could keep him down for another year or two and when he comes up he could be hammered.-JD

    • Bob: Excellent idea. I will start researching. … As to why he’s become less of a power pitcher, I think it is because he went away from challenging hitters and tried to finesse them. Just a theory.-JD

      • thank you all for the responses, I have had a trouble getting back the past few days as I have been busy driving my mother around (LOL), – bob

  2. I watched some of Harvey’s start last night. I agree with John that he was able to keep his composure on the mound when faced with trouble (sandwiching 2 k’s around a caught stealing (though the guy may have been safe) was a nice example of that.
    That being said, I saw a guy who is a little wild. Major league hitters will wait him out, which will elevate his pitch count.
    Now, part of the issue may have been his long rest, I can see that. Overall though, I think he still needs some time.

    Wheeler is viewed as having a higher ceiling (as a #1) whereas Harvey is viewed as most likely a #2. Both have the makings of top of the rotation guys, which is something this team will need over the next couple of seasons.

    Familia has had a few good starts in a row as well. The announcers last night mentioned his last 2 have been very good, I think he has only given up a couple of runs in his past 16 innings or so. So that is another arm on the way, hopefully next year.


    Nice grouping there, potentially.

    • Ed: Good potential, agreed. … I can see Harvey’s pitch count getting run up. Whether he does or not depends on the ability of him to command his secondary pitches. Remember, that’s something Pelfrey wasn’t able to do. … My gut tells me he needs more time, too. He’s still a little rough around the edges.-JD