Mets’ First Half Disappointments; Don’t Forget Pelfrey

No evaluation of the Mets is complete without a list of disappointments. While 46-40 at the break, the Mets have more to be happy about than not.  However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t laments.


Had everything broken right in the first half, the Mets could be sitting on top of the NL East.

Here’s what went wrong:

The struggling bullpen: Most of Sandy Alderson’s off-season tinkering was made with improving the bullpen in mind. Frank Francisco has pitched well enough, but is a house of cards. He’s coming off a strained oblique, so there are no guarantees in the second half.  Set-up man Jon Rauch has also been hurt an ineffective.

Mike Pelfrey’s injury: Considering how well the Mets’ rotation has performed, is this a disappointment?  You’d have to say yes, because a well-functioning Pelfrey should be worth at least five victories. Compounding the disappointment is the injury to Dillon Gee, which could keep him out the remainder of the season.

Dillon Gee’s injury: Gee will have surgery to repair an artery in his shoulder Friday and could miss the rest of the year. The Mets have little depth in the farm system and are reluctant to part with their premier prospects.  The Mets, who will temporarily patch things with Miguel Batista, have two weeks before the trade deadline.

Jason Bay’s slump and injury: Is it really a disappointment when the expectations were so low to begin with? Probably not, but the team severely lacks right-handed pop. Bay should be activated from the disabled list within the next two weeks. GM Sandy Alderson said the need for right-handed power must be supplied from Bay. On a positive note, Bay’s injury should keep him from getting the at-bats needed for an option to kick in.

Ike Davis’ slump: Davis is starting to hit, but struggled most of the first half, almost to the point of the Mets considering sending him down to work on his swing. Their thinking in not doing so was the belief he already knows how to hit minor league pitching.

Andres Torres’ slump and injury: The Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan gone, Torres represents what little speed the Mets possess. Kirk Nieuwenhuis filled in well, but struggled the past three weeks.

3 thoughts on “Mets’ First Half Disappointments; Don’t Forget Pelfrey

  1. The rotation has been pretty good the first half.

    They lead with RA and Johan with Niese and Gee doing well. Young has been ok in limited duty.

    The pen sucks. Francisco has had his share of saves and has been better of late but he is not a good closer. Parnell has been surprisingly good. All things being equal he should be the closer but he won’t be. We have a few good arms in the pen but not enough.

    The defense has been pretty bad with large stretches of bad errors that have cost games. Turner has continued to show he is a good bat with hands of stone. Murphy seems to be rounding into shape at second and hopefully Ike is getting better after a terrible first half. Duda can hit HR’s but little else. Capt Kirk is cooling off.

    We have speed. Kirk, Ruben and a few others have speed. Not Jose speed but good enough. Ruben has effectively replaced Jose.

    The middle of the lineup with the exception of Wright has not been good. Valdespin has been a surprise.

    The coach has made the right moves, but this is a team with a lot of holes that needs to get better. We have to find a solution to losing two effective back end pitchers in Gee and Pelfrey. Harvey may be up sooner rather than later whether he is ready or not. The team is in the hunt and they have to compete.

    I like the sound of that. I did not think this would happen this year. But here we are with a good team that competes.

    Oh. and our catchers are ok. Thole has been an adequate catcher but like many on this team are not good enough at the plate.