More Bad News For Gee; Could Be Done For Year

Dillon Gee will undergo surgery Friday in St. Louis to repair artery damage in his right shoulder that could cost him the rest of the season. Gee has a clot dissolved in his shoulder Monday and during the procedure artery damage was discovered.

Dr. Robert Thompson at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis will perform the surgery.

Gee is expected to not resume throwing for eight weeks, which would effectively end his season.

The Mets will bring up left-handed reliever Josh Edgin to take Gee’s spot on the roster, which Miguel Batista expected to take his spot in the rotation.

At this time, the Mets have no plans to bring up prospects Matt Harvey or Zach Wheeler.

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6 thoughts on “More Bad News For Gee; Could Be Done For Year

  1. I am glad Gee is not superstitious, nor is the team.

    Look at the date.

    Hope he gets well. He is done for the year.

    I was looking at the Buffalo team and it appears no one is better than Harvey. He may come up soon to take Gee’s slot. Ready or not here come more kids.

    • dave: I never noticed the date until you brought it up. … Harvey might be the best at Buffalo, but I don’t believe they’ll rush him.-JD

  2. Dave, they will want to cap Harvey’s innings, so odds are they will not call him up. He’s got about 60 innings left this year, assuming they want to go up by about 20% from last. That’s not going to be of much help. 12 starts of 5 innings, which means more bullpen (and we know how well that group has been doing for the most part).
    It’s going to be a mix of Batista, and possibly skipping the 5th starter when the schedule allows, along with other arms. Maybe they try to trade for a 5th starter (though I doubt it).

    • Ed: I agree with you. Harvey won’t be up soon. Barring another injury, I’m thinking September call-up as the earliest. … Would be nice to see an addition, but I agree with you in that they won’t be making any significant trades.-JD

      • This is the friction. It appears from looking at AAA that Harvey is the best there is. He is young and had problems the first part of the year.

        However the big club needs an arm. What to do?

        Batista from what I have read gives limited innings as a starter. So you put him in the rotation and what do you get? If it is 5 innings and 4 runs a game is that good enough? I hear you with limiting Harvey because of the metrics and all, but considering the Mets have $$ issues what can they do?

  3. the mets will not make a serious run at a playoff berth with Batista as the 5th starter. It’s really unfortunate that Pelfrey and Gee both had somewhat irregular injuries, as they both seemed to be turning corners…that’s baseball I guess suppose. With Johan and Young’s health both still uncertain for the dog days, along with Niese never finishing a season, and with Dickey’s inevitable (already happening) fall back down to earth, the Mets are actually in a bit of an understated dire strait. That’s pretty much been their biggest bright spot, and for it to become rattled, will really bring down this team. I hope I am wrong though. Make a trade, Sandy, out of the blue but JD do you think Ricky Romero of the Blue Jays is available? I think he would make a fine addition. – bob