Thought On All-Star Home Run Derby

Another year, another Home Run Derby. The only thing with edge last night was Kansas City booing Robinson Cano for bypassing the local hero. Of course, it didn’t have the from-the-heart venom of NBA fans booing the Miami Heat.

Initially, I watched the Derby with interest, if not fascination, the way I did the NBA slam dunk. But, there’s no real challenge if the pitch is lobbed over the play, so it became boring. Then, after the steroid issue, you knew what fueled all those upper deck shots.

So, I’m not a big fan of the Derby. I’d rather watch Criminal MInds reruns.

But, the paying public in the host city still loves it. I heard on talk radio yesterday saying how it Derby should be tweaked, ranging from celebrities (PLEASE, NO) to retired sluggers (not a bad idea).

I don’t care for the Derby because it is staged and not real competition – even though in a million swings I could never clear the wall – but as long as they are selling out the stadium, just leave it alone.

4 thoughts on “Thought On All-Star Home Run Derby

  1. With the celebrities they could give them aluminum bats. In fact they can give the players corked bats. After all it is about hitting home runs.

    They could also pair the non players with the real ones and make a game of it. After all who cares about the home run derby? I didn’t know it happened until I saw it on the news this morning.

  2. Celebrities? Reminds me of back in the 1970s the NBA on CBS once tried a halftime show of three on three: one current NBA player, one retired and one celebrity like Robert Conrad or Pat Boone.