Mets Close Exciting First Half With Concern

After a plus first half, the Mets limp into the All-Star break on the skids – definitely not the team that captivated our imagination for the better part of three months.

We all knew they had questions and issues, but played through them. Just not to the point where we can think they’ve disappeared.

Over the past few weeks, the Mets bullpen continued to implode. That wasted Chris Young start comes immediately to mind. More alarming is that both R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana have twice been roughed up. The defense has been erratic, and the overall lack of power and speed have both come into play.

Losing two series to the Chicago Cubs is just not an encouraging sign.

The Mets finished the first half with a winning record, and maybe this is just a glitch. A warming to Sandy Alderson more parts are needed.

During the break, I’ll look at what went right and wrong, what is needed, and grade the players. I’ll be back around noon.

4 thoughts on “Mets Close Exciting First Half With Concern

  1. This is a flawed team. We have a weak bullpen starting with the closer.

    We have a weak team due to injuries and just flawed players. Our starting CF is prone to injuries and has a weak bat. Our starting RF was mostly playing 1B in the minors. Our starting 2B was also playing 1B in the minors with our starting RF. Our starting LF can’t hit. Our starting 1B has been in a season long slump.

    We have played as well as we have because of the replacements and the starting pitching. Our starters have surprisingly not been 5/6 inning pitchers including our Ace.
    Valdespin has come from no where to be an important player on the squad. Capt Kirk has adjusted fairly well although the league may have caught up to him. And Hairston has been a monster against lefties.

    And Ruben has made me forget Jose.

  2. Dave, I think the 3rd baseman might have a little to do with the success so far as well.
    The 1st baseman has been much better of late, but needs to maintain this stretch.
    The pen and lack of good right handed bats beyond 3rd base are the main issues right now.

    • Ed

      You are Wright, I should have listed David as a major reason why we are where we are. He has been a complete player for us this year.