Mets’ Chemistry Will Keep Bobby Parnell Out Of Closer Role — For Now

The Mets spent a good bit of time speaking of team chemistry as for a primary reason why they have played so well in the first half. You’ll hear more about that today, and deservedly so.

PARNELL: Has been terrific.

It is for that reason why Bobby Parnell – who has been pitching lights out lately – will relinquish the closer role once Frank Francisco is able to come off the disabled list. For the same reason why Jason Bay went back to left when he last came off the DL, is the same reason why Parnell will stop working the ninth – chemistry.

The Mets have been a tranquil bunch the first three months – with their aggressiveness limited to the field – and Terry Collins won’t mess with that state. The Mets signed Francisco to be their closer, and as long as he’s physically able, Collins is apt to keep it that way.

The thing that could alter that is Francisco’s injury lingering, but reports have him coming back shortly after the break.

Parnell has pitched well in the role, well enough to stay there and well enough to prove he can do the job, but chemistry is a fragile thing and Collins won’t tamper with it now.

5 thoughts on “Mets’ Chemistry Will Keep Bobby Parnell Out Of Closer Role — For Now

  1. I don’t see why though. FF is not some career closer either, he’s only had one full year of closing in 2009 when he had a whopping total of 25 saves. 2 saves in 2010, 17 in 2011, and 18 this year, while sporting a almost 5 ERA. Parnell is better hands down, the Mets have a good shot this year, why not go for it and let FF be the 8th inning guy? – bob

  2. bob: Agree with you that Parnell has a higher upside. Just saying Collins’ MO is to not disrupt the chemistry and change things. Don’t you have a feeling FF will have a hissy fit if taken out of the role? I do.-JD

    • If FF throws a fit, tell him to look at his stats.
      There comes a time where “chemistry” does more harm.
      You need to put the best players on the field to put the team in the best position to win.
      If Bobby is doing better than FF, then he should close.
      If not, then FF can close.

      With Bay, it is more that his is a right handed bat than anything else. They need his bat for balance, though he is not hitting well at all (I know, grand understatement).

      • let him throw a hissy fit, I’d rather him throw a fit, throw another chair into the stands, have him be banned from baseball (he honestly should have been banned after that crap he pulled anyways) then have him stay in, and break down ala Benitez at the end of the season. Not letting Parnell close hinders his development, he hasn’t nearly reached his ceiling, why put a dark cloud above him while he’s clearly just starting to float on up? – bob

  3. I am ok with Bobby pitching the eighth. For now.

    He has had issues before. Let him own the eighth and demand the 9th with his play. We don’t owe Fransisco anything. He has been good enough for a team with no expectations. I would think that by next year if Bobby has finally learned to pitch that he is our closer. No questions asked.