Terry Collins’ Decision To Stick With Chris Young Burns Mets

The pattern is inescapable: Three times is not a charm for Chris Young.

YOUNG: Falters again late.

When Young goes through a batting order for a third time hitters tee off on him as if it were batting practice. However, yesterday’s decision by Terry Collins to stick with him was understandable, and still a learning experience.

It is also an indictment on the major league’s worst bullpen, which has a lofty 5-plus ERA.

Young was cruising and was at only 67 pitches entering the seventh. There was no indication he was about to falter. Moments later, say seven pitches, the lead was gone.

This is not the first time this has happened and hopefully Collins has learned he must have a short leash when it comes to working Young past the sixth inning.

Not only did Young’s pitch count give Collins reason to run with him, but he had to be wary of the Mets’ combustible pen. He doesn’t have a lot of faith in it and justifiably so. That was underscored in bold when the Phillies broke the game open with three in the eighth and three more in the ninth.

I don’t know how far the Mets will go this season, but they are winning in spite of their pen. How much longer that will last is anybody’s guess.

One thought on “Terry Collins’ Decision To Stick With Chris Young Burns Mets

  1. Something needs to be done about the LOLpen. Teams are feasting on them.

    The other problem is their inability to hit lefties, outside of Wright and Hairston (and we must wonder how long Hairston can keep it up).

    Of course, had he pulled Young, many would have complained given the low pitch count (myself included). Had the team been able to hit Lee, the poor sequence would not have mattered, as the team may have had a bigger lead.

    Young is fine as a 5th starter. The problem is the pen and the lack of right handed power.

    I read where the FO is starting to wonder about Duda. About time. I have wondered about him as well. He is not hitting well enough overall and his defense is shall we say, poor.

    They are having a nice season, but I do wonder how long it can last. Then again, I can say the same about the Nationals and Pirates as well.