Fourth Of July Good Omen For Mets

History dictates that whoever is leading on July 4th will make the playoffs. That’s a good omen for the Mets, who lead in the wild-card chase. By the end of the month, if there are trades, then the Mets will be buyers.

Their top priority is the bullpen as they have enough offense, despite limited power, to get the job done.

Let’s look at the other playoff contenders.

Washington has the best record in the National League and with its pitching could sustain it into the playoffs. The question here is what will happen if, and when, they shut down Stephen Strasburg.

Atlanta could make a run, but the Marlins and Phillies have too many issues.

In the Central, it would be nice to see Pittsburgh hold on, but the Reds, Cardinals and Brewers are still close. This division should be a scramble until the end.

In the West, it is the Dodgers and Giants, with Arizona 5.5 games out.

Things seem more definitive in the American League. I expect the current leaders to hold on, with Tampa Bay, Detroit and the Angels the prime wild card contenders.

2 thoughts on “Fourth Of July Good Omen For Mets

  1. I was reading where KRod was an option to come back. The heart attack would help the team. If we can swing it and not give to much for this rental I am on board to bring him back.

    Oh. We have our own ARod in the low minors. A potential future starter in the lineup.

  2. When in college I wasted a lot of time going through the New York Times microfilm researching this. It was something like 58% to finish first. Doing stuff like that is one reason why I failed out and not living life as a 1%.