Fake Rivalry With Phillies Renews Tonight

The Mets and Phillies have had a fake rivalry, and it has been rare when both teams were good at the same time. That’s when the competitive edge of the rivalry comes into play. They are division rivals and geographic rivals, but there’s little tenseness.

An element of hate was removed when Jose Reyes left in the offseason. The Phillies despised him and his style of play and gloated whenever they could. Reyes is gone and took that spice with him.

This year the Mets are playing well and chasing Washington for the NL East. Meanwhile, the Phillies are down and have made it known they will listen to offers for Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels. Both would look nice in Mets pinstripes, but forget it.

The Phillies have been in the playoffs since 2007. This year they’ve been beset with injuries and sluggish play. This is the time for the Mets to put them away, to put three games worth of distance between them before the All-Star break.

If the Mets are as good as they claim to be, they need to continue their momentum from the Dodgers series – including overcoming the disappointment of not getting a sweep – and laying the wood on a wounded opponent.

In that sense, there’s an element to the rivalry that has been missing.

2 thoughts on “Fake Rivalry With Phillies Renews Tonight

  1. Well, now the Phillie faithful hate Victorino, who is a bigger jerk than Jose ever was.
    In 2006 and 2007 they were rivals John. Since then however, you are right, the Mets have floundered while the Philles made like the Braves and won NL East titles again and again, but with only 1 WS win.

    Speaking of jerks, I wonder why no one in the NY media says anything about Nick Swisher, who is a much bigger ass than Jose ever was. But he is so funny, so that makes it OK. Plus, he is a Yankee, and Yankees never do wrong.

    As for the Phillies, I want a sweep. Bury them while you have a chance. Then they will trade Hamels and Victorino and still be stuck with the bloated contracts of Utley and Howard. Not to mention they must be worried about Halladay, shoulders are more problematic than elbows when it comes to recovery (see Johnson, Josh in Miami). Kick them while they are down.