R.A. Dickey Not Sharp For Mets Against Yankees

Isn’t it always the way in projected pitching duels? They get thrust into the background. R.A. Dickey’s consecutive scoreless streak was snapped in he got a no-decision in a wild game.

When Dickey gave up that homer to NIck Swisher, I thought it was over, but the Mets weren’t deflated from being down by four runs and battled back. If ever there was a game that could take the air out of their balloon, last night was it.

They didn’t win and lost the the series, but they showed something positive which could pay off for them. Baseball is a funny game when it comes to riding emotions and the Mets’ are still high.

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6 thoughts on “R.A. Dickey Not Sharp For Mets Against Yankees

  1. I thought RA got squeezed. But he also seemed to struggle a bit.

    Also the Mets couldn’t break CC. He got in trouble early and squeezed out of it.

    The Yanks are good hitters.They worked RA until they got something they could hit.

    That said they battled back. And they attacked all night. Got on base and ran.

    • dave: He might have gotten squeezed a little, but a knuckleballer won’t get many close calls. … I’m not much for moral victories, but last night had the makings of a blowout.-JD

  2. Oh and Turner couldn’t get the ball to RA on that play. If he had got it to him they would have got the runner. I don’t see how it was an error on the pitcher.

    • dave: Turner got to the ball and made a throw to Dickey that hit his glove. The official scorer’s thinking on that play is it was one Dickey should have handled.-JD

      • But RA had to hop to reach it. It hit the glove but it killed his footwork and he ultimately dropped it.

        If Turner threw at his chest rather than over the head they may have had him.

        It just wasn’t a smooth transfer and I blame the first baseman.