Mets Matters: Where’s Tim Byrdak?

For the second straight game, Mets manager did not go to lefty specialist Tim Byrdak against a left-handed hitter in Robinson Cano with the game on the line. I realize the Mets had only one lefty reliever at the time (today they brought up Justin Hampson).

BYRDAK: Not used when it counted.

It’s a nine-inning game, and where is it written the moment-of-decision must come in the ninth inning? It very well could have come down to the ninth inning without a lefty reliever, but I don’t want Miguel Batista to pitch to Robinson Cano.

The Mets have lost two straight games because they withheld using their left specialist. Hoping Terry Collins picks up on that.

Here’s more Mets notes:

* To make room on the roster for Hampson. the Mets designated for assignment Vinny Rottino. No comment from Rottino, but if you’re him and you know you’re the 25th man on the roster you couldn’t feel comfortable seeing the bullpen and knowing they needed to add.

* Frank Francisco’s strained left oblique landed him on the disabled list. I reiterate it is possible he was injured because he was overthrowing Friday night, perhaps to back up his “chickens” comments. Again, so stupid. Why antagonize a team like the Yankees who have the ability to pulverize you without any added incentive?

* Thank goodness the Mets got somebody to take that chicken off their hands. Now I can sleep nights.

* Dickey’s ERA rose to 2.31 after giving up five runs. He’s still a favorite to start the All-Star Game. Another candidate is Washington’s Stephen Strasburg. It is interesting to compare the two. Strasburg is the All-World talent with a golden future, while Dickey is the inspirational underdog.

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4 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Where’s Tim Byrdak?

  1. One of the babbling knuckleheads on ESPN last night (I think it was Larkin during one of the cut-aways to the studio) said something along the lines that Strasburg should start since viewers wouldn’t want to watch Dickey thowing knuckleballs.
    I’m sure the Nationals would prefer Strasburg not pitch, the better to keep his arm fresh since they want to limit his innings this yr.

    I wish the Mets had someone who could be a home run threat. It is nice to be clutch, but sometimes you need the big fly. And those are few and far between for our Amazins’.

    The question is, where do they get one, cheaply?

  2. And Byrdak should have faced Cano last night in a tie game. No doubt.

  3. Byrdak – you are beating this into the ground. But I agree. deal with the situation at hand. Cross the next bridge when you get there.

    Chicken – too funny.

    I still think RA should start unless he goes in the tank.