Ike Davis Comes Up Big For Mets

Yes, I know, Frank Francisco got the save last night and backed up his boast, but not before getting into trouble. Fact is, he’ll blow a key save opportunity soon enough.

The biggest thing that came out of last night was Ike Davis’ homer in the first against lefty Andy Pettitte. I wrote earlier how that match up would be key in this series.

Davis delivered last night and that was the difference and supported Jon Niese. You have to give credit to Terry Collins for sticking with him when Davis was struggling.

One thought on “Ike Davis Comes Up Big For Mets

  1. Yes. Ike is a young player who had success early and has not played well this year.

    The manager has stuck with him though and that is one of the reasons he is successful. He doesn’t stab his players in the back and blame them for the loss while supporting others who blow it. He honestly comments on the game and when someone screws up says so. But he also supports them. When someone does well he makes sure they play.

    Look at Jordany. He is a young player who was brought up to help with injuries and has produced. His manager has put him in the lineup and has been rewarded. Murphy is another young player who has had his problems this year and Terry has treated him the same as Ike.

    I think this is why they play like they do and we have a winning team. Good enough pitching and young players who want to play and have something to prove.They have the support of their manager who plays the players who produce ( look at Capt Kirk ).

    This bodes well for the future as the young guys get experience and the big four arms hit the bigs.

    Oh and as you commented in another thread Bobby is finally learning to be a pitcher.