Yankees Represent Challenge For Lucas Duda and Ike Davis

There are several things I’d like to see happen for the Mets this weekend. If recent history is any indicator, they will be swept by the Yankees. Trading sweeps is not a way to make the kind of progress Terry Collins needs.

We’ve seen it before with the Mets. They’d come into the Yankees’ series on a roll and get dumped on. And, at home, too. That needs to stop, and here’s what we need to see.

* With the Yankees throwing left handers Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia, Ike Davis and Lucas Duda (tight hammy) need to have a good series. Raking would be nice, but don’t get stuffed. It is easy to envision them getting shut down, but their development requires standing in against tough lefties.

* The bullpen bridge to Frank Francisco must produce. And, the sometimes shaky closer needs to show his mettle. Of course, the best thing would be to get quality innings from the starters.

* The RA Dickey success is no fluke, but the Yankees have a way of cutting down hot pitchers a notch. A strong game on national TV Sunday night against Sabathia would be a great way to start a long road trip.

There are other things I’d like to see, but if the Mets produce the above three, it should be a successful weekend.

ON DECK: Interleague play.

3 thoughts on “Yankees Represent Challenge For Lucas Duda and Ike Davis

  1. I saw Fransisco throw chum into the water by calling them chickens. They will be gunning for him.

    I hope our pitchers can do well against their lineup and that we are mentally tough enough to play sound ball.

    If RA can control his pitches I would like to see a complete game shutout from him against their ace. He can do it. They haven’t seen a knuckler.

    • dave: Francisco is simply an idiot for giving them bulletin board material. It’s not as if the Yankees need any extra incentive.-JD

  2. I agree that the Braves pitching staff was very imrvessipe and the HoF thing and all. But, for me anyway, they never seem to engender fear in anyone that they played. They had that group throughout the 90s and won one title, even though they went to the playoffs every year, if memory serves.While they were great pitchers, none of them really had a reputation for being “shut down” pitchers, as good as their stats were. That team could get you to the postseason every year but couldn’t get over the hump but once in THAT many tries. A true dominating staff won’t have that problem IMO.The thought of playing against RJ/Schilling or Pedro/Beckett (when he was on), or Halladay/Lee/Oswalt or Lincecum/Cain are prospects I find terrifying. Though the Giants offense would leave me some hope.