Jason Bay Injury Could Benefit Mets

Nobody wants to see a player injured, and despite his lack of production I haven’t heard anybody say a negative thing about Jason Bay.

However, in the wake of his latest concussion, which could keep him out indefinitely, this could turn out to be one of the best things to happen to the Mets.

If Bay was hitting as they hoped, things would be different. However, this is a young team that is winning and developing a chemistry. They’ve stumbled at times, but find themselves over .500 heading into the Yankees’ series.

Having an unproductive Bay in the lineup, just puts a damper on things. And, at his salary they’ll play him and keep somebody more deserving on the bench (Kirk Nieuwenhuis?).

These Mets, with the mediocrity of the National League and wild card) has a chance to compete. And, should they not win, they have shown the mettle to remain competitive.

If Bay can’t earn his keep, then I’m for letting this team develop without him and continue to build.

6 thoughts on “Jason Bay Injury Could Benefit Mets

  1. Yeah.

    The cold realities of the game say you move on without him. He is injured so that spares the team from that decision.

    He would help the D, but the offense suffers.

    • dave: It is a reality of the game that teams move on from players with injuries. If Bay was healthy and could play the Mets would stay on with him.-JD

  2. Really sad and pathetic. You recently had surgery and from your posts sounded pretty serious and you have the balls to celebrate someone’s very serious injury!!!!!!!!!!. What a jerk you are.

    • I am not sure why you have so much venom for John.

      He is stating the obvious. Bringing Jason back would disrupt the chemistry of the team because he can’t hit and we have better options already. I don’t know what the team will do, but we are putting players on waivers to deal with injuries ( including Bay’s ) and potentially weakening the team.

      Bay is paid good money and unfortunately he hasn’t earned it.

      He seems like a good guy and plays hard and the right way. He puts himself in danger as evidenced by his last injury.

      John is a reporter. He is reporting. Get off his back.

      This is not a trash Bay article.

      • dave: Thank you for your loyalty and support. I am most grateful. It was clear I wasn’t attacking Bay, but illustrating the options if he didn’t return. Thank you.-JD

    • Nathan … AKA Mel Isrealoff of Pa: you obviously missed my point. I was not way celebrating Bay’s injury, just saying if he doesn’t return this would be a good opportunity for the Mets to continue to build. You might have understood if you didn’t have so much hatred in your soul.-JD