R.A. Dickey And Roger Clemens Interesting Contrast

Earlier in the day there was Roger Clemens, one of the most talented pitchers of his era, standing on the courthouse steps after being acquitted of all charges in his perjury/steroids trial.

DICKEY: The best about sports.

Later, there was R.A. Dickey, whose salary this year probably isn’t as much as Clemens spent on his legal defense team, mow down the Baltimore Orioles with his second straight one-hit shutout.

It was a contrast in talent vs. perseverance, arrogance vs. humility, and likability.

Dickey will never have the career Clemens had, and I’m talking the pre-cheating Clemens. Just because he was acquitted doesn’t mean he didn’t use steroids. This was a sham of a trial with the government as inept in its case as the Orioles hitters were last night.

When it comes to steroid trials, the government is so useless it couldn’t have gotten a conviction with a signed confession.

The issue surrounding steroids is credibility. The public wants, deserves and needs to know what it is seeing is real. With Clemens it did not, because whatever happened behind closed doors there still is the belief he cheated.

With Dickey, whose arm forced him to go with an improvisational pitch, we know we are seeing honest effort and grit, and with it genuine joy when he succeeds.

We are done with Clemens, and have been for a long time, even before he went after Mike Piazza’s head with a fastball and later a sawed off bat in a fit of steroid rage. With Dickey, we can’t get enough of him. He is a great story of what sports should be about.

He makes us happy to watch, not disgusted.


6 thoughts on “R.A. Dickey And Roger Clemens Interesting Contrast

  1. CLEMENS that arrogant Smug Cheat In Denial He Even Did Drugs Piazza Hurting SCUMBAG cant Hold DICKEYS jock even- Dont even Put The Two of Them in a Conversation- NIGHT and DAY- HIGH CLASS GOOD GUY- LOW CLASS EVIL $grubbing Craphead

    • Laurie: I haven’t heard from you before, have I? Thanks for writing. You’ve made it pretty clear your feelings on Clemens. You’re in the vast majority. Thanks for checking in and I hope you’ll do so again.-JD

  2. I agree. Clemens lied and took drugs.

    RA is a godsend for us.

    No one is getting convicted because there is no evidence. Bonds was convicted of lying and obstructing justice not of taking roids/hgh. The bottom line is the players, the owners and the league all know and conspired to bring a show for the fans to give them an incredible act to believe in. Everyone can hit 50 home runs a year every year because they are that good. A 50 year old can still hit the high heat and still dominate the game even if they can barely move.

    This was all done because they prevented any testing until Congress cast a spotlight on them and then they started a program to test. Everyone made money and everyone broke records they don’t deserve.

    • dave: You nailed it. The owners and commissioner were complicit. They all knew something was going on. When a banjo hitter reports to spring training 25 pounds heavier and driving balls into the seats, it wasn’t just weight lifting.-JD