Mets Begin Week With Down Note; Jason Bay On Concussion DL

If the disabled list was a place of residence rather than a simple list, Jason Bay should be paying taxes there. He’s on the concussion DL this time after his hitting his head against the left field wall attempting to make a diving catch over the weekend series against the Reds.

RAMIREZ: Just say no.

In which they were swept, by the way.

Bay’s nightmare tenure with the Mets continues, and Terry Collins didn’t discount the idea he might be done for the season. Yes, Bay has underperformed with the Mets, but nobody – at least no right thinking person – wants to see an injury. However, should this be the case, it opens up an even greater opportunity for Kirk Neiuwenhuis, who figured to lose playing time with Bay’s return.

The most amusing thing I read all weekend were those comments advocating the Mets sign Manny Ramirez. Getting Ramirez was a bad idea years ago because of the talent it would require to land this clubhouse cancer. It’s a bad idea now because he’s remained a cancer, but one who can’t hit.

At one time Ramirez was a skilled hitter, but we must remember he’s failed three PED tests. And, he’s always been a head case, often a foul tempered one. No, the Red Sox wouldn’t have won without him, but they also might have won another title had he not quit on them.

I usually come down on one side or another on a player, rarely in the middle, and I’ve never cared for Ramirez. Manny being Manny was just the Boston media copping out on ripping him.

As far as the Mets go, trading sweeps isn’t going to cut it. That’s not the sign of progress one would hope for. They scored but five runs in the weekend sweep to the Reds. If there was a bright side, it was seeing their starting pitching recover to give innings after being hit early.

R.A. Dickey on the mound to start the Baltimore series and possibly get the week going on a positive note.


6 thoughts on “Mets Begin Week With Down Note; Jason Bay On Concussion DL

  1. I missed Saturdays game. Sorry to hear he’s out Sundays game was hard fought but just could bring home the runners

  2. I hope Jason recovers.

    I hope the Mets ignore any thoughts of chasing Manny. Seriously why go after an old, washed up player who needs drugs to perform? Haven’t we had enough of old washed up players? Don’t we see the benefits of young, hustling players who want to play and play as a team?