Mets’ Appeal Denied

As it should have been, the MLB denied the Mets’ appeal on R.A. Dickey’s one-hitter. The Mets’ argument was it should have been a no-hitter because they believe David Wright committed an error.

The denial came down shortly before tonight’s game against Cincinnati at Citi Field.

Manager Terry Collins said the process allowed an appeal so he rolled the dice.

“We didn’t win,” Collins said. “We didn’t expect to win it. We gave it a try. If we had won it, we would have had another no-hitter and we wouldn’t have to wait another 50 years.”

It was the proper call by MLB, which would have opened a Pandora’s Box if it allowed the appeal.


3 thoughts on “Mets’ Appeal Denied

  1. Since the Mets are asking for $50 plus shipping and handling for a replica of a ticket of Santana’s no hitter, maybe they can get $35 for a Dickey one hitter.

    Maybe next Bob Stanley will try to get his 1986 World Series wild pitch changed to a passed ball

    • Dan: It definitely smacks of cheapness in selling those tickets. There are so many other marketing ideas that would be better. How about selling replica tickets from the first game in the Polo Grounds? Or from the 1986 World Series? Plenty of things that don’t make them look cheap.-JD

  2. It’s good that they did not succeed in charging one of their players with an error.

    It is good that the play on the field as called stands.