Mets Should Not Appeal R.A. Dickey One-Hitter Plus Poll

There shouldn’t be do-overs like this. T.J. Upton bounced a ball slowly to third baseman David Wright last night. Because of Upton’s speed, Wright went to the barehand to speed his thrown and enhance his chances to get Upton.

DICKEY: Missed a no-hitter.

Instead, Wright couldn’t make a clean play and the ball dribbled off his hand. Clearly, a base hit, the official scorer ruled.

If would turn out to be the only hit given up in another R.A. Dickey get, and now the Mets want to appeal the decision so Dickey would have his no-hitter. I would be the Mets’ second of the month after going over 8,000 without one, and it would also be their second tainted if allowed.

Clearly, an umpire ruled Carlos Beltran’s ball was foul instead of a hit in Johan Santana’s no-hitter against the Cardinals.

Sports’ inherent beauty is its unpredictability and to leave matters to chance. If the appeal goes in favor of Dickey, when and where will it stop?

Official scorers are asked to review plays all the time and some of them are reversed. Usually, the procedure is for the scorer to interview all the parties, review the tape and then make a decision.

In this case, we have video of the bobble, but no video of where Upton was at the time. Was he bearing down on the bag or was he loafing? Wright hurrying the play indicates it would have been a close play, increasing the odds of it being ruled a hit.

This whole thing comes off as the Mets begging for a call and they should be above that.

What do you think? Was the play a hit or an error? Voice your comments here and vote in the poll.




5 thoughts on “Mets Should Not Appeal R.A. Dickey One-Hitter Plus Poll

  1. B J Upton is deserving of the hit. David botched it, but that was a judgement call. Upton is quite fast, so odds are he would have beaten that out. The Mets llok bad asking for a review. Had David at least tried to glvoe it, and botched it, they MIGHT have had grounds for a review, but not this way.

    Dickey is quite good.

    The good news is that Ike seems to be heating up. This is needed.

    The bad new is Bay continues to be a black hole of suck.

  2. It was a win. That is what counts to me (although it was awfully great for Santana to get the no no after waiting half a century for one).

    Agree with Ed. Don’t appeal it, it makes you look desperate and second rate.

  3. Bay with a home run today???????

    He is still a black hole of suck. Kirk has 2 today. Match that Bay.

    ’tis a bit of jesting.

  4. Leave it alone.

    The play stands on the field as called. If you have an issue you raise it then.

  5. Take the win. Do they want the no hitter repealed as a result ? Leave sleeping dogs lie !