David Wright Continues To Shine

National League fans have known for years how exciting a player David Wright can be. This weekend, Toronto gets to see the National League’s best third baseman, and arguably the best in the majors.

WRIGHT: On fire. (AP)

At least this year he has been. Another day, another key hit by Wright, who is in one of the hottest stretches of his career. His average is over .400 and his on-base percentage is over .500. Terry Collins wasn’t just blowing smoke when he compared Wright to Barry Bonds.

While Wright hasn’t hit with Bonds’ power, he is displaying the a similar plate presence and patience. Wright is laying off the down and outside pitch; he’s going the opposite way when he needs to; and he’s yanking the inside pitch down the line. And, when the pitch isn’t to his liking, he’s taking the walk.

Today, he had three of them in reaching base five times.

I watched a SNY special last night on the 50 greatest Mets. Wright was in the top ten, ahead of Jose Reyes. Before his career is over, and I’m betting he’ll finish it in Flushing, he could be second or third behind Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden.


One thought on “David Wright Continues To Shine

  1. If he continues playing this way I hope he retires a Met.

    I have been critical of him in the past because his throwing at times made me want to hide and he was striking out at a higher and higher rate.

    He seems to have fixed both issues this year and is just a monster. Good for him.

    As for Bonds, which Bonds are we talking about? The young Bonds who hit for average and 20-30 HR a year? Or the robo Bonds? The chemically enhanced MONSTER who hit 70 HR’s a year along with his brothers Sosa, McGuire, et al?